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Young Stunna Reveals What He Used To Sell As A Street Hawker Before Music Blew Him Up

Young Stunna Reveals What He Used To Sell As A Street Hawker Before Music Blew Him Up:

Sandile Msimango, popularly known by his stage name Young Stunna is a South African singer. He is known for his hit singles “Bopha” and “Adiwele”. He has also extensively worked with record producers DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small.

While pursuing his career, Young Stunna was a street hawker selling clothes, sweets, cigarettes, and anything that could sustain his music dream. “I sold everything. I had to make money for me to be able to record my music and look good while performing,” he says. “I needed to maintain my image even though I wasn’t making money from music. I knew it would eventually pay off.”

He began his music career as a Hip-Hop artist, performing at local events for free in his neighbourhood. “I sang, rapped, R&B. I did everything all under the Hip-Hop umbrella. But I hardly got paid for it. I used to get a lot of free gigs and favours. I didn’t care about the money that much. I didn’t know I had to be paid to perform. I did music as a passion and I knew one day If I push hard enough, my big break will come. But I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly and so aggressively,” he added.

The song Adiwele was big in the streets before he officially released it and he completed his album within a few months. “Adiwele was me thanking God, my ancestors, and everyone supportive. The few songs I did blew up and through them, I got to meet people and work with so many people in a short space of time,” he says.” It’s still a shock to my system.”