Watch! Real Madrid Stars Benzama & Vinicius Jr Vibing To Young Stunna’s Hit Single "Adiwele"

Watch! Real Madrid Stars Benzama & Vinicius Jr Vibing To Young Stunna’s Hit Single “Adiwele”

South Africa has earned its place on the map as home to vibrant music and culture. Afro-house and Gqom are just two of the enthralling genres which emerged from the country and garnered attention globally over the years. Now, ushering in a new era of musical revolution is the bright musical sounds of Amapiano: along with its Kwaito roots, Amapiano also has vibrant Afro-pop influences. It amalgamates deep house, kwaito, and jazz, along with melodic piano, creating its own innovative sound and cultural dance moves to match.

South African on social media are elated after a recent video emerged of Real Madrid stars vibing to an Amapiano hit song. The European champions were impeccably dressed in white and relaxed in a room. French marksman Karim Benzema was sitting in a chair getting a fresh haircut as he wore a white barbershop gown. The other recognizable face in the video was of emerging Brazilian star Vinicius Jr.

The camera slowly moved and showed Benzema’s clean-cut as he stared into the mirror. Vinicius Jr, who is laying on a bed just behind “Big Benz”, gets within the camera’s frame, leans forward and lifts two fingers to greet people beamingly. Young Stunna and Kabza De Small’s 2021 mega-hit Adiwele is playing in the background as they chill. Watch the video below of Real Madrid stars vibing to Amapian hit Adiwele.

Young Stunna started as a Hip Hop artist before jumping into amapiano. “It was scary because it came with a lot of talks, but taking a break from the culture was good for me. It was a big risk but because Amapiano is still music, I still feel the same way I felt when I was doing Hip-Hop. I love music and it’s all music at the end of the day. Transitioning from Hip-Hop to Amapiano just grew the love I have for music as a whole and that’s the most important part.”