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Watch! DJ Maphorisa Reacts To Claims Of Exploiting Upcoming Artists

Watch! DJ Maphorisa Reacts To Claims Of Exploiting Upcoming Artists

While Amapiano is taking over the world, DJ Maphorisa has received a lot of props for introducing international artists to the genre and has become one of the most sought-after producers and amapiano vocalists in Mzansi. DJ Maphorisa has a number of accolades under his belt.

Following claims from Fakaza made by critics on social media, DJ Maphorisa has finally broken his silence against all the claims and allegations about him over the past few months. It was rumoured that he exploits Kabza De Small and other musicians like Sir Trill; the DJ was also called out by an event promoter over an unsettled debt.

While Phori’s name made headlines over hideous reasons he was mute, he finally responded to all claims during a Live chat on Instagram. Maphorisa slammed all the claims saying he’s not being appreciated enough as he’s contributed hugely to the South African music industry; he further credited himself for being the first person to make Burna Boy and Wizkid collaborate for the first time, on the hit amapiano song titled, Sponono.

The music producer also revealed that he was the idea behind Scorpion Kings which Kabza wasn’t initially aware of; he spoke about how he contributed massively to Kabza first project. As seen in the video shared, DJ Maphorisa is pained by all the false and negative narratives about him despite his positive attitude to the culture. “Kabza didn’t know anything when I met him. I taught him things and it was the best decision ever also for me. Look at him now, look at us, we’re successful,” he said. Watch video below:

Maphorisa revealed his reason for taking the amapiano genre seriously was because of Nigerian singer, WizKid. He said he recalled WizKid saying he had goosebumps when hearing his first amapiano song by Calvin Fallo. “ WizKid put me on amapiano. The first amapiano song WizKid heard was by Calvin Fallo, theWololo remix, in Moloko in Pretoria five years ago. That’s when Sponono by Kabza was recorded and I didn’t know Kabza that time. He asked me: ‘What’s this sound? It’s giving me goosebumps’,” he wrote.

I’m the first n*igga to put Wizkid and Burna Boy on the song. Then you come here claiming you produced Particular. Learn to respect your master. When you have earned your way to the top, you can then do the same to other upcoming artists. You guys saw me when I invested in amapiano, when I invested in Kabza. I fought with his manager when he was not paying him, taking advance without paying him a cent. I took Kabza in and told him to open a company.”

Responding to the video where Kabza was saying Maphorisa named the album ‘Scorpion Kings’ without him there, Phori agreed to and further detailed how it happened. “Then you say I came up with Scorpion Kings. Yes, Kabza didn’t know anything about Scorpion Kings. If you go to Kabza’s first album, you’ll see that my name is there. I did the song selection,” he added.

Watch! DJ Maphorisa Reacts To Claims Of Exploiting Upcoming Artists

Watch! DJ Maphorisa Reacts To Claims Of Exploiting Upcoming Artists: