Vital Reasons why to Study in Scotland:

Why  Study in Scotland is better for Students?

Study in Scotland can be an experience to the international students on  Student Visa. because of the fantastic landscapes and rich culture. The life in Scotland is such an addition to your life along with the top quality education. In this article, we are going to let you know some amazing facts about education in the most welcoming country of the world.

The education of Scotland has kept its reputation since early 15th century. The country beholds some of the oldest universities of the world. With a record of excellence in teaching and research facilities some of the universities in Scotland has gained the rank in shanghai ranking The top ranked Universities are:

  • The University of Edinburgh
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Glasgow

The environment, the architecture, the historic battlefields, castles and colorful exteriors will make your abroad life exciting and adventurous. Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

The universities usually offer the best research facilities around the world. It is very much reflected in the numbers of published papers and citations by students of Scotland. So many new discoveries regarding quantum mechanics, medicine and surgery, natural disaster risk estimations have been published and proved by the Scottish research teams.

The University of Edinburg is already ranked 4th in the United Kingdom for research and developments. Many of the master’s program including PhD programs will need you to conduct a compulsory research project. In that case, the university facilities will be your first help. Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

3. Options to choose your study arena

Choosing a subject to study abroad depends on many issues like tuition fee, interest, career goals, course time frame etc. Scottish Universities give you an option with any of your requirement. Different areas are offered like:

  • History
  • Architecture
  • International Law
  • Asian Studies
  • Data Science
  • Business

Also the course modules are completely different from one another because one single course structure can never satisfy every student. Your adjustability and comfortability are perfectly measured while choosing a course. Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

4. Free education for EU and EEA students

We all know Brexit happened and you might wonder what will happen to the previous free tuition in Scotland issue. Well. Any eligible students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland admitting in 2020-21 academic year will still get free tuition for their course.

If you are planning for 2021-22 academic year you must know, Only EU nationals who are ‘settled’ or ‘pre-settled’ in the UK will remain eligible to apply for home tuition fees. In that case they must meet the residency conditions. Some EEA and Swiss nationals will also be eligible if they meet residency conditions.Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

Any other Information you will find in Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) website.

5. Affordable living

Statistically proven, Scottish Universities are till now the cheapest in United Kingdom. The tuition fees usually stay around 9000 GBP a year which is significantly less than similar degrees from other universities from UK. The living costs are also very less than any student city from the United Kingdom.

The living costs range from 700-1100 GBP/month. Glasgow is the 5th ranked cheapest student city in the UK.
Here you get a glimpse of some of the student cities and the living costs in Scotland. Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

Student CityLiving Cost per month in EUR (approximate)
Edinburgh815 – 1,315
Glasgow697 – 1,147

6. Career prospects

Studying in a Scottish university gives you an eligibility to work in UK after your graduation through the graduate route. All the international students studying in UK nevertheless getting a graduate or a master’s degree, they will get a work experience of 2 years in UK through the Graduate route.

This is to mention that the students completing their PhD on or after summer, 2021 will get to stay and work in UK for 3 years. Even if you come back to your home country, your Scottish degree will put you in your deserved places right away. The University of Stirling in Scotland is ranked 1st for the graduate employability. Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

Many of our students from different continents have received opportunities right after their graduation from Scottish Universities. This is surely a fresher’s dream.

7. Culture and Entertainment

First of all, Scotland is known for its friendly welcome and regional gestures. Scottish people are very much open to help out the foreigners and international students.
In such a welcoming country you will feel like adventuring every day. The breath taking sceneries and old classic structures of building will make you gaze upon.

If you are ever tired of the scenic beauty, Scotland is always colorful with festivities. Do remember that Edinburg is world’s most festive city. Attend any International Festival, Film Festival, Jazz and Blues Festival, the Royal Military Tattoo, the Festival Fringe, and loads more events around the country. Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

When deciding to study abroad, we will suggest you to choose a place feeling like home. Scotland is such a place to make you feel home. For any mood Scotland offers something to the internationals. For any goals, Scotland has a way of achieving. For any dream, Scotland offers a prospect to fulfil. Study in Scotland is Highly recommended to all the students for better education. 

We caught up with Meryem from Turkey, who recently completed her studies at INTO University of Stirling in Scotland.

I’m studying BA (Hons) Psychology on the University of Stirling’s beautiful countryside campus. It’s been a wonderful experience in a one-of-a-kind location. Even by the time you graduate, you won’t have been to a quarter of the castles in Scotland!

I’d like to share my top 7 reasons to study in this amazing part of the world.

1. It’s a really friendly country

I’ve had nothing but good experiences when it comes to feeling welcome! Stirling really does feel like home, and I can have a conversation with almost anyone, just like in Turkey.

Naturall,y you’ll miss your family and friends, but you’ll be sure to meet others who speak your language.

2. There are plenty of new things to explore

Scotland is renowned for its breath-taking scenery and endless outdoor activities, from skiing in the winter to picnics on beautiful beaches in the summer.

Even if you don’t class yourself as fit, jumping from tree to tree at Go Ape is just so much fun! There’s also an underwater adventure park, a museum, castles, zoos, and almost anything else you can think of.

3. The food

There’s a wide variety of cultural influences in Scottish food, and the surrounding seas are home to the most amazing fish.

One of my best experiences was visiting an old-fashioned fishing village in Montrose. We were cooked fish that had been caught that very morning… it was amazing!

My other personal food recommendation is the Boozy Cow in Stirling – they serve huge portions at student-friendly prices.

For the more adventurous, there are also some more ‘unusual’ local specialities. One of the most popular is haggis with neeps and tatties – a savoury pudding made from sheep offal, served with swede, turnip and mashed potato!

4. An excellent university education

I’ve progressed from INTO to the University of Stirling, which is regarded as one of the world’s best young universities.

It continues to climb in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, features in the top 350 worldwide, and ranks number six in Scotland.

Studying abroad has allowed me to challenge myself, as well as gain the confidence in things such as asking questions in class.

My maths lecturer inspired me to critically think both for my studies and in my daily life, and I can never thank her enough for that.

5. Flexible learning

Since coming to INTO University of Stirling, I’ve been able to study subjects I never knew I was interested in, such as psychology, sociology and marketing.

I’ve been able to change what I want to learn, and by talking to my lecturers I’ve also been able to change the way I study my chosen topics.

This level of academic freedom is something I can’t get over. It’s made me a more motivated and energetic student, and is an amazing opportunity to discover what you love!

6. A fantastic reputation with employers

Studying in such an academically-recognised country is great for future employability. For example, the University of Stirling is ranked 1st for graduate employability by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

INTO students also have access to the careers services after they graduate, which is amazing as most people’s aim is to get a job straight after they’ve finished their studies.

7. You can come and see for yourself

My advice is to come and visit the university for yourself. The University of Stirling will bend over backwards to accommodate potential future students, and open days are run for people from all over the world.

It’s the best way to see what university life is like, and was a key aspect in my decision to come here!

If you’d like to find out more about studying with INTO University of Stirling or at another UK or US university, you can discover more on the INTO Study website.