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Viral Video of BN Gogo And Focalistic Kissing Sporadically Pops online

Viral Video of BN Gogo And Focalistic Kissing Sporadically Pops Online:

Since gaining popularity as a DJ during Channel O’s lockdown house party show, DBN Gogo – whose real name is Mandisa Radebe – has remained consistent in the music industry by dropping two albums and becoming one of the most booked Amapiano DJs.Apart from the smooth moves and the hits she pulls while behind the decks, the 30-year-old is also loved for her undeniably cool sense of fashion.

Now, barely four months since DBN Gogo and Focalistic revealed themselves as a couple, the two lovebirds are everywhere and they can’t seem to get enough of each other. A Focalistic fan page on TikTok recently posted a video of the lovebirds snuggling and smooching.In the video DBN Gogo shot, the “Pitori Maradona” can be seen lying on top of the deejay, and they chuckle before Focalistic kisses DBN Gogo’s cheek. He then starts lovingly biting and sucking the cheek, to which DBN Gogo responds, “Huh huh baby hayi”.

The amapiano rapper, who’s currently on tour in North America as part of his “Straata Nation Address” tour, reshared the video on his Instagram stories with a question directed at DBN Gogo, “and these videos are from where?” he asked. She then responded by saying, “I plead the fifth.”“That IG video of Focalistic all cozy in bed with DBN Gogo. My heart ????”

Just two weeks ago, the couple celebrated their birthdays on consecutive days. In celebration they posted heartfelt messages to each other on Twitter and Instagram, and sent each other some expensive gifts.“Jolang” (which loosely translates to “you should date”) is what DBN Gogo posted as she showed off her bouquet of red roses and a Louis Vuitton gift bag from her boo on her Instagram stories.Prior to that, around Valentine’s Day, the “Khuza Gogo” hitmaker had shared a Twitter thread showing off gifts she’d received from Focalistic before the couple were spotted visiting the city of love, Paris, together a short while later.