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Uncle Waffles Sets Internet on fire as she Declares Being a Bisexual

Uncle Waffles Sets Internet on fire as she Declares Being a Bisexual:

Amapiano is arguably the biggest sound coming out of the continent right now, with the likes of Burna Boy, Wizkid and Davido all collaborating with its artists and even taking them on global tours. Someone who has been instrumental to the genre’s growth for the last couple of years is 22-year-old Lungelihle Zwane, more commonly known as the DJ/producer Uncle Waffles. Since shooting to international stardom following a viral clip late last year, Zwane has since performed at a string of sold-out shows—at home and internationally.

One of South Africa’s hottest DJs, Uncle Waffles, has come out and revealed her true sexuality. The popular DJ released a video in which she came out and revealed that she is actually bisexual. Despite coming out as bisexual, Uncle Waffles revealed that at the moment, she is currently engaged in a heterosexual relationship. The Tik Tok video of Uncle Waffles coming out was shared on social media by controversial entertainment and celebrity blogger Musa Khawula.

Uncle Waffles’ revelation was well received by South Africans on social media. Many congratulated her for coming out and encouraged her to embrace her true self.  Some even made fun of the DJ, saying that she gets the chance to experience the worst of both sexes during Mjolo.

A few months ago, Uncle Waffles slammed rumors that were going around claiming she is transgender. “When do you guys step back and evaluate? Why do you think conversations like these or saying things like these to strangers is normal? Social media has really made you all feel so entitled to s**t. Let’s respect each other.” You all are used to public figures having to keep quiet and be the bigger person and that being considered some sort of “maturity”. That’s made people on social media get away with being s**t individuals Where do you get the audacity to say things like this? Then go on and show your transphobia through it? I don’t usually say anything, but now a whole community is getting affected. Please, it’s important to learn when you’re overstepping,” she said.

Speaking on her rise to fame, Waffles said: “Nothing was planned, but it all happened at the right time. I’m originally from Swaziland—a small country neighbouring South Africa—and there isn’t much of a creative scene there, maybe two or three gigs a year at best, so I had to work in South Africa to develop my career. The people who have now become part of my team were hosting a show and invited me to come over and DJ; they had originally given me a slot of 6.30pm, which is a horrible time. I had another show that day, too, but after a flurry of cancellations, I ended up covering somebody. I was terrified, because not only was it my first big event in South Africa, it was sold-out too.”