Uncle Waffles Reveals Her Africa Tour Dates

Uncle Waffles Reveals Her Africa Tour Dates:

Uncle Waffles real name Lungelihle Zwane is from Swaziland. In a YouTube video, she shared that she matriculated in 2017 and went straight into working. Uncle Waffles rose to prominence not only for her Djing skills but also for her smooth dance moves. The short video she shared on Twitter has been viewed over 3.2 million times.

She explained that she hopes to work in the creative industry although she didn’t specify what exactly she wanted to do. It looks like she has found her niche!She won the internet over with her ability to keep a crowd entertained. The star is now booked outside South Africa, and took to social media to share he African tour dates.

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Uncle Waffles shared her DJing journey with the world on her Instagram page. Before she became an internet sensation she worked tirelessly to master her craft. She has been a DJ for over a year now! After her video went viral, she took to Twitter to share that Drake gave her a follow on Instagram. She could not believe the news and shared that she cried over the phone with her managers.

Speaking on her journey of becoming a DJ, the star said: “I worked with a lot of creatives, including DJs, in my daily life. When they’d be around, I’d ask to try mixing and I definitely sucked. This changed when a DJ called Stunner actually started teaching me. We’d spend hours on end trying to work on my mixing. After 3 months, he stopped teaching me and insisted that all I needed to do was practice, so I did. Day in and day out during lockdown I’d go to a studio and practice. I would record my mixes to listen to my mistakes and work to improve on those. It took almost a year for me to gain enough confidence to take bookings.”