Uncle Vinny, an influencer and well-known personality, has accomplished a lot for a 21-year-old. This occurs just as the character recently celebrated his 21st birthday, which was on April 21, 2023. given that he is associated with some of the nation’s biggest and most well-known clubs.

It came as no surprise that he would spend the weekend celebrating his birthday partying. However, the viral video of his antics does not show Uncle Vinny having the time of his life. This suggests that his weekend of partying was not all fun and games.

It is unclear when Uncle Vinny was slapped, but it appears that he was having fun with his entourage at the popular nightclub Zanzou on Sunday, April 23, 2023. From the portion of the shared video, it is unclear what caused the commotion.

However, it is evident that someone in the VIP section was calling to remove Uncle Vinny from the area. a matter that enraged him. As a result, he addressed the man in question with a slur. The man in question was observed slapping Uncle Vinny like a child in response.

After that, they parted ways, and Uncle Vinny tried to hit back with a slap of his own. Nonetheless, there is more film which catches Uncle Vinny pursuing the secret man trying to take care of the slap.

After the video went viral, social media had their laughs at the whole incident. This is as Uncle Vinny has yet to share his series of events on the matter or what exactly fuelled him getting hands.This is not the first time that Uncle Vinny has gone viral for a video that painted him in an unflattering light. Back in 2022, it was reported:

The TikTok sensation was recently in Ghana where there was the biggest Amapiano festival ever to be held in the country. Many other Mzansi artists were present, including Uncle Waffles, Kamo Mphela, Focalistic, Mr JazziQ and DBN Gogo.

A video has now emerged online of the young dancer getting embarrassed by the crowd. Basking in the glory of his celebrity status, he chose to make it rain on the audience. He was filmed counting out a wad of notes before he turned and threw the money at the crowd.

He probably expected them to rush for the money, maybe have a mini stampede trying to pick up the notes from the floor. But nobody moved a muscle. The audience can be seen looking at the cash as it dropped to the floor, then turning back to look at Uncle Vinny with puzzled expressions on their faces. One lady close to the cameras waves her hand at him dismissively, but what she says to accompany the gesture is inaudible over the loud music.