Twitter on Fire As Debate About Who's Better Between De Mthuda & Kabza De Small Looms

Twitter on Fire As Debate About Who’s Better Between De Mthuda & Kabza De Small Looms:

Twitter is on fire this afternoon after tweeps opened up the floor for some major debate between two Amapiano giants.

Some tweeps some to think that De Mthuda is a better contender because he did not get any help from Maphorisa, who is credited for getting Kabza to where he is today. Some people came in guns blazing and fought for Kabza because one thing about Kabza he has been paving his own way and that was even before DJ Maphorisa.

These were some of the reactions:

@ChrisExcel102 said, “The reason I rate De Mthuda more than Kabza its because De Mthuda been standing alone throughout his music journey. Yes Kabza is Dope but Maphorisa played a huge role in making Kabza big
Ngithukeni ke Msunu yenu!!”

“Eyy iyafana lentfo maan appreciate both DJs and keep it moving. But the fact remains. Kabza is way better than De Mthuda in terms of hits. The craft is something else. De mthuda is also a very good creative. The hits he makes keeps the genre moving. We appreciate that. Yeses wena”

“De mthuda’s Hits: John Wick, Jola, Wamuhle, Umsholozi, Abekho ready. Shesha Geza, Umshado, Bade, Emlanjeni. I respect De Mthuda but he has only 9 hits you can’t compare that with Kabza de small everybody knows it Kabza got 25+ Hits songs the list is endless Kabza is the shit”

“Maphorisa went to Kabza for a reason! head-hunted. Just because Alex Ferguson scouted Ronaldo. It doesn’t take away his talent, his talent got his attention”

“Very shocking that there’s people who think that Maphorisa made Kabza. The problem is many think Vula Vala was the birth of Amapiano”

“Kabza dropped Shaya, Lalela, Umshove and many hit songs without Maphorisa. De Mogul dropped Oe Batla Kae way before Amapiano was even a known genre. Phori played a big role in the genre but the genre was still gonna excel with or without him..Let’s enjoy music and leave politics”

“Lmao people really ain’t smart as they think they are. How do you make an argument on ‘If Kabza didn’t go to DJ Maphorisa’ fokoff nobody knows what the alternative would have been. Celebrate Mthuda without comparison if you really believe in him”

“Kabza has been around but his career started to flourish when he partnered with Maphorisa. I’m happy he never paid attention to people who said Maphorisa uses him. They add value to each others careers”

The yanos King Kabza De Small was accused  just last month of assaulting a man and left him bruised. A forex trader by the name of Stylish Keys, alleged that Kabza De Small and his bouncers attacked a friend of his and injured his face. Not only that but he alleges that during the assault they damaged his perfume stock work R7000 each.

The man who accused Kabza De Small promised to avenge their friend who got assaulted allegedly by him and his bodyguards. On his Instagram stories, he warned Kabza of what’s coming to him saying he messed with the wrong people. “@Kabelomotha you’ve messed with the wrong people mfanaka (my boy), you’ll get what’s coming for you!! You think you’re the only one that has money. lets see my boy,” he warned.