Tweeps Cheers up with Mampintsha Amidst his funny videos

Tweeps Cheers up with Mampintsha Amidst his funny videos:

Whenever Babes Wodumo trends on Twitter, there are a lot of negative tweets about Mampintsha. People have made it very clear where they stand with the former Big Nuz bandmate but now, they seem to have warmed up to him.

Tweeps have shared videos of the Kwaito turned Gqom superstar acting goofy and making jokes. They have crowned him the King of funny videos. All seemed fun and all until certain tweeps chimed in and lashed out at the others who made him trend.

The abuse saga got brought up, especially after one tweep shared a video of him slapping Babes on IG live. In his caption he wrote, “All these threads on Mampintsha videos but they forgot this one. So think we should bring it back to remind people. Cause they seem to have forgotten.”

Check out some of the funny videos below:

Here’s how some people reacted. @2021AFRICA said, “At least its the women that always at the front of cancelling men that are hyping up Mampintsha that’s what makes it funnier.”

Another tweep, @MphoMoalamedi called people out on supporting an abuser, “A few funny videos and you forget that the man is an abuser. Amazing.” But one tweep did not appreciate Mpintsho getting cancelled. @MaZulu_Sma wrote, “Imagine holding a grudge against Mampintsha when the person you’re holding a grudge for just married him and gave him a whole baby. But you are saying we should continue getting mad at him. Please stop playing with us.” 

@TysonCreme is also very annoyed, “Nothing annoys me like this new Mampintsha hype.”

Babes Wodumo was the one who allegedly suffered at the hands of Mampintsha but she forgave him, married him and gave him a baby. She penned a heartwarming message on Instagram and said, “If I were to start where we come from the sun would rise and set. Mashimane we have had our challenges left right and center but we always conquer them. What I can say is I wouldn’t ask for any partner besides you.

“You showed me that when a man commits to change it is like that, the promise you have made. Even now I just stare at you in awe that indeed a person is made by God. People look at you gushing over Sponge ‘our luck’ , they do not know how long we waited. You are a great father who is 100% supportive, not to mention the love you give me on a daily. 2021 has brought 2 blessings (marrying the love of my life and giving birth to our little boy)”

On their reality show, Mampintsha apologised to Babes’ family for hitting her. Showmax also reacted to the trailer, “The trailer suggests Mampintsha is still dealing with the aftermath of that controversy, as his initial letter to Babes’ family is rejected; we see him apologising to Babes’ parents and we see Babes worrying about whether her family will turn Mampintsha’s family away at the gate,” says Showmax.