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Top 11 Online Resources for Farmers and Agropreneurs:

The days when farmers had to struggle and feel their way in the dark are long gone. The days of trial and error are long gone too. These days, a lot of resources are available for farmers to know exactly what they are doing, track their progress and prevent loss due to ignorance.

Some of these resources are what I bring to you today in this post. I want you to know where to find help if you need it, where you can ask questions and get answers, what the current trends and best practices are, and where to get funding should you require it.

These online resources will inform you, as a buyer, on the buying and selling of agricultural produce. They will also give you access to journals and articles written by experts.

You will no longer stumble in the dark, thanks to these 11 online resources for farmers.

1. The Nigeria Export Promotion Council

If you think of starting a profitable agro-export business, one of your most useful resources will be the NEPC website.

They give every information you will need to start your own export business. This includes how to get your export license, what products to export and what products are prohibited.

They will even provide an online portal for you where you will showcase your products to attract international buyers.

On the NEPC website, you also get first-hand information on several seminars, workshops and meet-ups. This will help you build your network and improve your knowledge of how export business really works.

2. Bank of Agriculture

Bank of Agriculture is where you go to obtain government grants and loans for agriculture purposes. One of the challenges farmers grapple with a lot is funding. Another is support.

Bank of Agriculture was set up to provide this funding and help. On their website, you will know more about how they operate, when and how credits are disbursed and how to get involved.

If you have any problems or challenges, you can reach out to them as well and see what comes up. I’d keep an eye on this one no matter how people tell you that government schemes don’t work.

3. E-Agriculture

E-Agriculture is a global online platform where farmers all over the world meet to discuss and share ideas and information. It’s among the best places to keep up to date with current and standard best practices in farming, as well as meet other farmers and expand your network.

The information shared is mainly based on current agricultural and technological tools; they are information farmers can implement to get better results.

This is an international forum so you will remember to behave yourself – don’t spam the forum with unwanted links or go there to promote your box of cashew for sale…you get the point.

4. Nairaland

Nairaland is Nigeria’s largest online forum. They have an agriculture section where people gather to discuss everything agriculture.

If you have a burning question, you can post it there and other farmers will try their best to answer you. You can also promote your services and products.

As with all forums, remember to keep your conversations within the boundaries of decency and common sense.

5. AgroNigeria

AgroNigeria is an online platform where farmers can have access to agriculture-related resources and information.

Here you will get the latest news to keep abreast of what happens in the agriculture sector.

6. Next Nigerian Entrepreneur

Not to toot our own horns but several other top websites have listed this blog as among the best business blogs in Nigeria. In fact, we have been listed as among the top 20 agriculture blogs in Nigeria.

Here, you will get the best detailed how-to guides on how to start several businesses in agriculture. Our agriculture business ideas have helped many people find their way around agriculture business in Nigeria.

7. Access Agriculture

Access Agriculture showcases agriculture video training materials in local languages. It is an international NGO.

The videos are all designed to support sustainable agriculture in developing countries. You can upload your own videos and request videos in your local language.

8. Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy allows farmers to meet willing investors for partnerships and joint ventures. This will be a big boost especially for people who are trying to crowd-fund their farming venture.

As an investor, you select the type of farm you want to sponsor and contribute funds towards setting up the farm. You keep track of activities on the farm and get your products at the end of the farming cycle.

This is the best way to farm without really farming, isn’t it?

9. Agropreneur Naija Blog

Agropreneur is another top blog you can get latest trends and information in agriculture. It is loaded to the brim with lots of insightful information which will make life easier for you as a farmer.

10. Agro-insight

Agro-Insight is a dynamic enterprise that merges expertise from science, communications and graphic design to support sustainable agriculture and fair trade.

They work closely with clients to enhance the impact on rural communities, using effective video, and print material production.

Agro-Insight also organizes training in extension methods and organisation of advisory services.

11. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

FAO is an NGO present in over 100 countries, Nigeria included. They publish the latest stats, research, journals and guides. You will find many of their materials informative because they are information you would ordinarily not get elsewhere.


Farmers, especially beginners, can take advantage of these 11 online resources to make their farming enterprise as stress-free as possible.

Of course they are not the only ones out there but they are a good place to start. Do you know of any other useful online resource for farmers, why not let me know in your comments.