Thembi Seete Tenders Tribute Message, As She Lays Her Mom To Rest

Thembi Seete Tenders Tribute Message, As She Lays Her Mom To Rest:

Gomora actress, Thembi Seete has opened up about the passing of her mother for the first time since she passed away a month. “Rest in peace Mom. This time, on this day, last month I lost my mom. The hardest thing in my life I ever had to deal with.” She said.

Thembi added that she was close to her mother and that they lived together. “I still can’t believe she’s gone. We were so close, we did everything together, we stayed together until the end. I still hear her voice because our bond was that strong.”

Her mother had a brain tumour and was in pain most of the time. The actress revealed. She is still shattered about her passing. “It’s not easy, my heart is shattered. I mean writing this right now is difficult, she was sick for a long time as she had a brain tumour and was in pain most of the time.

We all did our best taking care of her. What’s comforting is knowing that she’s at peace now and no longer in pain.”

In her heartfelt post on social media, the icon has attributed her success to mommy dearest. “God blessed us with the best mom. I am who I am today because of her. My brother is strong, responsible and independent. She sacrificed a lot for us, punched aside her own happiness and making sure we safe.” She says.

Her mother was one of the best dress designers of her day. “She was Overprotective, a Fighter, Smart, Talented, One of the best dress designers in her time and Hardworking. I’m grateful for the years we spent together and I am thankful that she got to meet and enjoy her grandson Dakalo.”

In 2018, her mother got so sick that she couldn’t walk. This was around the same time Thembi was pregnant with Dakalo. After she heard of the exciting news, she stood up again and started walking.

“I remember when she got sick again in 2018, she couldn’t walk and I had just found out that I am pregnant. I told her about Dk.. guess what? she stood up and started walking again, that’s how happy she was for me. I shared my secrets, deepest thoughts with her, I mean everything.”

Heaven has indeed gained an angel. May her precious soul rest in peace. Our deepest and most sincere condolences to Thembi and her family.