Skolopad Shares Horrific Experience she went through in a Hospital

Skolopad Shares Horrific Experience she went through in a Hospital:

Last week socialite and singer Queen Skolopad shared that she was going to be admitted for three weeks following her recent bipolar re-diagnosis.

It seems like things have not been going according to her plan as she recently took to Instagram to put a rehabilitation hospital that she had checked in on blast for bad service.

Giving her fans a sneak peek inside the rehab, Skolopad said she had to sleep on the chair because her bed was too flat. 

“Slept on the chair with my multiple fractured because the bed was too flat, they can only arrange it the next day but they arranged it during the night because I opted to sleep on the chair which I did and I’m still on the chair,” she said.

The singer said she was also mistreated by the nurses. She explained, “I ask for water to drink from 6 pm during supper nix until I drunk water from the toilet just to be able to drink my treatment, then 10 pm they gave me 500ml of H2O with my heart condition I don’t drink water after 8 pm I just said no thank you.”

Skolopad said she has been admitted to multiple rehabs before and she has never complained. She said she decided to leave the rehab and booked herself elsewhere adding that the place was not therapeutic, “there was no TV, No network,” said Skolopad.

Here are a few reactions from her fans.

In a post last week, Skolpad said she needed help and also asked her fans to put her in their prayers.

“Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Qwabe Nonhlanhla I have Bipolar disorder I’ve been in a denial stage for 10 years but today again I was re-diagnosed by my new psychologist,

“Support me with your prayer as my levels are now uncontrollable. Skin treatment makes it worse and I get triggered by small things. I am an ?????? I’ll be locked in for two to three weeks,” she wrote.

The socialite received a lot of support from her fans. Also taking into the comments section, the International Bipolar Foundation showed Skolpad the support.

“You are so strong! We can imagine how tough this must be but you are taking the right steps by reaching out for help and being open about your diagnosis! If you need any resources or would like to learn more, please contact us or check out our website, We are here to support you and are keeping you in our thoughts “