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SK Khoza Breaks His Silence On Viral Video, denies claims he was on drugs

SK Khoza Breaks His Silence On Viral Video, denies claims he was on drugs:

SK Khoza has broken his silence following the video that’s been circulating on social media.

The actor is seen fuming and threatening a man while circling him. This raised concerns about the state of his mental health and his fans have been expressing their concern about his well-being on social media.

A Bystander tried to calm the situation down but was unsuccessful.

What has raised more concerns is the update on the actor’s Instagram stories. He wrote the following: “Maybe some of us were meant to live and be great another lifetime and this one is just not for us.”

Chatting to TimesLive today Khoza said it was a moment where he lost his cool.

“It was [a] moment where I was treated in a bad way and I lost my s**t. No one was hurt, just somebody was sworn at.”

He also denied claims that he was on drugs.

“People like to say nonsense. I don’t do drugs, my family know that. I’ve taken drug tests in front of my family members. It’s literally one of those moments where I was rubbed the wrong way and I reacted, that’s that,” he explains.

“I purposefully did that, because I wanted to show people that they are quick to jump to conclusions. When I said that maybe some of us are meant to be great in the next lifetime, it’s maybe that. It means maybe, if things are not great in this lifetime, maybe they will be great in the next.”

Toward the end of 2021, Khoza was reportedly fired by Ferguson Films, the company that is responsible for producing The Queen.

Sharing a statement about his departure, the production said that SK Khoza was a hardworking individual from the first day he walked on set.

“We would like to wish Sthembiso Sk Khoza all the best for the future as he exits #TheQueenMzansi. You have been a hardworking individual from the day you walked onto our set. We have no doubt that you will carry on winning and working harder!. Until next time!”

While we’re on The Queen, Mnet announced that the award-winning Telenovela was will be coming to an end in 2023.

Also coming to an end with The Queen, 1Magic’s Lingashoni will be ending next year, The channel tried to keep abreast with changing audiences.

Main Picture Credit: SK Khoza Instagram Account