Siphokazi Jonas tenders a moving poem in honour of Makhadzi

Siphokazi Jonas tenders a moving poem in honour of Makhadzi:

Renowed poet, playwright and producer Siphokazi Jonas has joined thousands of fans who came out guns blazing, defending Makhadzi against cyberbullies and body-shamers.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Jonas penned a moving tribute to the singer, who was humiliated on social media after a picture of her showing the “dark pigmentation” of her inner thighs went viral this week.

According to a statement issued by Makhadzi on social media on Sunday, a certain photographer shared the unedited picture on social media to “promote his brand”. This gave leverage to trolls to body-shame the star.

In her poem titled “The Makhadzi Commandment”, Jonas echoed the voices of many South Africans who, following Makhadzi’s public apology, reached a consensus that Makhadzi owed no one an apology for the photograph.

“Dark inner thighs or other body part presenting itself in smudges of blackness, showing up as melanin spilling the ink on pages of skin, are to exist without the need for justification, or apology, or question, or pleading for mercy at the altar bar of sunlight soap, and the rough side of a stone and an empty bag of oranges repurposed to exfoliate dead skin cells, and dead ways of thinking about our own black,” expressed Jonas.

“Dark inner thighs or any part of the body that presents itself in shades of blackness are no longer a secret to discard with the bathwater out the back door.”

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Taking to Facebook on Sunday, the Kokovha hitmaker apologised to her fans for the viral images.

“I would like to apologise to all my fans if only if you really disappointed about these pictures … they were a lot of beautiful pictures that a cameraman was gonna post, but he chose to post this to promote his brand but forgetting the damage he is doing to my soul,” she wrote

She continued: “Unfortunately I cannot change my inner part … I am like this and I am proud …”

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Messages of support keep pouring in on social media as Makhadzi continues to top the trend list.