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DJ Zinhle Turns Down Marriage Proposal

See the moment DJ Zinhle Turns Down Marriage Proposal?

The trailer for the latest episode of DJ Zinhle’s first-ever reality show on BET is finally out. In the forthcoming episode, we were given an exclusive look into the days leading up to baby Asante. Also, DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz talk more about the possibility of getting married.

“And they wonder, my sister, when are you getting married? Said Zinhle.

“But I want to do the right thing.” Said Murdah to DJ Zinhle about the future.
However, it appears Zinhle did not feel that it is the right thing for her. “But the thing is, the right thing for who? Like…No!” She responded.

This is not the first time that the couple has sparked marriage rumours. In last week’s episode, DJ Zinhle broke down after her friend, Pearl Thusi asked her if she and Murdah Bongz are getting married.

Showing off Asante’s nursery for the first time, Zinhle revealed that she feels incredibly blessed.

“Happy Monday! What a year it has been. I am feeling incredibly blessed. Have so much to be grateful for, just a few people and friends I would like to mention. Murdah Bongz, I am so thankful that’s it’s you I’m on this journey with. You complete me.” She wrote.

DJ Zinhle also gave a special shout out to her children, her family and team for the support that they continue to show her.

“Kairo Forbes, the rest of my family and friends for your love and support. You guys are my greatest blessing. Your support keeps me going. My team and business partners, thank you for your understanding, hard work and dedication but mostly for continuing to respect and honour the our vision.
@asantewithlove & @kairo.forbes… I have no words… My entire world.” She posted.

At the beginning of this month, the superstar launched her flagship store in Midrand. “I am super excited about our new flagship store at The Mall Of Africa. This is a very big deal for my team and I. In a time where there has been so much loss, so many setbacks and hardships, I realised that it is important to take time and celebrate every victory along the way.

“It may sound crazy but 8 years ago, no one wanted to work with an ambitious DJ from Dannhauser. Even a weekly appearance on national TV didn’t convince them that my brand and I were quite worth the risk. They judged who I was at the time and couldn’t see who I could become at the time,” she said on the day of the launch.

She further added that the journey has never been easy and encouraged her fans to focus on ownership instead of partnerships.

“I had to shift my focus, I stopped looking for partnership instead I went out and looked for ownership. It wasn’t as easy and powerful as I make it sound I had to work harder than I ever had. There were blood sweat tears and a lot of life lessons in between.

“Start where you are, start with you. Play the cards you are dealt and bet on yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to make it easy for you, throw yourself in every aspect of your business. Don’t just think about it be about it. Don’t focus on being unsure, use your energy to make it happen make that move and don’t be afraid to go the long way,” she concluded.