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Samthing Soweto Shows Reactions As He Sold Out Forthcoming Shows

Samthing Soweto Shows Reactions As He Sold Out Forthcoming Shows:

Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, known professionally as Samthing Soweto, is a South African singer and songwriter. Samthing is best known for his vocals on Sun-El Musician’s song “Akanamali” and his number 1 single on spotify “Akulaleki”.

Following his just released single ‘Amagents’ which went gold a few weeks after its release, Samthing Soweto shared that he will be hosting shows in cities across the province. His shows in Cape Town have been sold out and this is something the star does not take for granted. “San’bonani – Yho Guys. We sold out – Thank you everyone and please have a nice Samthing Soweto day.”

After over a decade musician Samthing Soweto reunited with his former bandmates The Soil for a moving performance. At the “Intimate Evening with Ntsika”, the Amagents hitmaker performed with The Soil. Ntsika reflected on the “magical moment” where they came together and performed.

The moment was certainly something huge for Ntsika as in his Instagram post he detailed how he was filled with emotions. “I’m still reeling with emotions. I’m still in awe. I still feel transcendent warmth and I just want to continue soaking in this spiritual moment,” he said.