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Samthing Soweto React To ‘Amagents’ As It Hit Major Milestone

Samthing Soweto React To ‘Amagents’ As It Hit Major Milestone:

Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, known professionally as Samthing Soweto, is a South African singer and songwriter. Samthing is best known for his vocals on Sun-El Musician’s song “Akanamali” and his number 1 single on spotify “Akulaleki”.

Samthing Soweto expresses gratitude as his latest single, Amagents hit 1 million plays on YouTube.The song which is about a father’s message to his daughter received lots of accolades after it was released over a week ago.Amagents topped streaming platforms a few hours after it was released as fans and other musicians gave their support.Days before Samthing released the song, he opened up about his struggle with depression and why he has been on a hiatus.“I’m sorry for the silences. I thought I was wack but today I only discovered how dope I am,” he tweeted.Samthing has returned stronger as he announced his music tour, which is happening soon.

When he told fans about the song just a day before its release, they got excited, already believing it would be a success, even before it hit the airwaves. And they were right. Barely 12 hours after it was out, the song was already trending and hitting top 10 positions. “Vul’amehlo mntanam, ungadlawa abafana. Baby wam ithini ngikutshele ngifuna ungizwe ayafana amagents” [Open your eyes my child, so men don’t play with you, let me tell you, gents are the same] is one of the lines in his new song, Amagents.

Samthing Soweto, real name Samkelo Mdolomba, says he has evolved as an artist this year.“I think I found a new love for music this year. I’m working on being more appreciative of everything I have. I’m trying to be better, in general.”