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Rumors About Uncle Waffles Being a Transgender Got Mzansi Worried

Rumors About Uncle Waffles Being a Transgender Got Mzansi Worried:

As ZAPlaylist always points out, social media is not for the faint-hearted, people say whatever they fill like which might affect you if you don’t have a strong heart!

Word circulating on Twitter streets has it that the upcoming famous performer Uncle Waffles is a transgender female and her transformation came just before her big breakthrough a few years ago.

This title tattle has left many wondering if indeed she was a transgender female; especially after her trolls came through with “convincing” evidence from her gallery.

These theories together with some of her pictures do really have that kind of sales pitch, don’t they?

Let’s take a look at some of the comments on social media:

“?im kinda confused now ??Maybe by calling herself UNCLE WAFFLES he was telling us something but we decide to be blinded by her looks ?and your boyfriends are crushing on him #unclewaffles” – @Naledi78114830 said.

Some are still wondering if this isn’t one of the usual smear campaigns against someone finally testing success in their lives – typical isn’t it?

For someone doing big and going places at her age, having trolls and haters seems like a normal thing.

But even after all the back and forth attacks on social media, the question about her s.e.xuality still stands.

Is Uncle Waffles transgender?

Well, while many are still puzzled by these allegations and trying to figure out the truth from all the conspiracies spiralled by unconfirmed sources, the publication has come up with a biography of the darling entertainer in order to answer the million-dollar question.

Born to Eswatini parents (Siyane Zwane – mother), Uncle Waffles who is formerly known as Lungelihle Zwane is female by birth and was born on April 4, 2000. This makes her one of the youngest and most successful female DJs in South Africa at the age of 22, this year.

She started her school in Swaziland where she spent most of her childhood before moving to South Africa, Jo’burg where she finished off her studies.

She, however, has South African citizenship.

Early Career

Uncle Waffles came into the spotlight back in 2021 after a video of her performing her signature move while showing off her underwear stings went viral on social media.

She now boasts as a DJ, a TV personality, and a club host.

Unconfirmed reports have always highlighted that she owes her success to the late Ricky Rick who mentored and introduced her to the music industry.

She has since grown her brand internationally, influencing a new niche of stans in the youngsters while also capturing the eyes of the popular American hip-hop star, Drake. There have been rumours that he wants to co-sign her under his multimillion-dollar record label OVO.

Her unique talent and skills continue to make her shine above the rest in the most competitive industry in South Africa.