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Riky Rick Blamed for Jumping On Uncle Waffles' Wave

Riky Rick Blamed for Jumping On Uncle Waffles’ Wave:

Is there another DJ Tira brewing? Tweeps seem to think so as they compare rapper Riky Rick to him. This after a video of Riky and internet sensation and new DJ on the block, Uncle Waffles, dancing to “66” by Piano stars, Felo Le Tee and Myztro.

The video of two people vibing and having a good time, had the internet shook for two reasons; Riky Rick got seen as a person who wants to steal Uncle Waffle’s shine and secondly the manner in which they were dancing was not seen as appropriate since he is married.

Judge for yourself if the video is appropriate or nah:

Uncle Waffles shot to fame after just one video of her rocking her set at a groove went viral, and she even got a follow from rapper Drake. Uncle Waffles has become and instant celebrity and is getting booked left right and centre, after that video of her performing her fire set. She popularized Kabza De Small’s Adiwele even more, before it’s release date.

Now, as a former rapper now Amapiano star, Riky is seen as someone who wants to steal someone else’s shine, apparently like Tira. Riky has taken a short hiatus from making Hip Hop music as he featured in a few Amapiano hits.

Here are the reactions:

Uncle Waffles cannot believe the rate at which her career has shot at and is in disbelief every time something major happens. “We got on the plane, the guy in the aisle in front of us opens the paper and there’s a full page about me. A WHOLE FULL PAGE ABOUT ME. I’m shaking. We definitely scrome.”

She got featured on BBC Radio 1 as well. She is also getting booked internationally.

Riky is married to his lovely wife for 8 years now and he is more smitten than ever, “Find yourself someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who accepts you as you are but also does everything to help you grow into what you can be.‬ The past 7 years have taught me so much about life and love. Thank you for being the partner I’ve always wanted and blessing me with our seeds. I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN,” he gushed.