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Prince Kaybee Serves DJ Cleo Some Accolades For Returning To School

Prince Kaybee Serves DJ Cleo Some Accolades For Returning To School:

The award-winning DJ and producer Prince Kaybee said he is proud of DJ Cleo for taking a huge step to further his studies.

“What a legend,” wrote the DJ on Instagram sharing that he met Cleo during a shoot and he was inspired.
He wrote: “Met @djcleo1 yesterday backstage while shooting @idolssa, had a lot to talk about but what stood out for me is him going back to school, took a picture with his student card because I want to show off, what a legend.”

DJ Cleo is set to graduate for his BA degree in business management in 2023. He shared last year that he has decided to go back to school after many years.
“Today I embark on a journey that I’ve ignored for almost 20 years. I’m nervous and excited. It’s going to take a lot of dedication, hard work, sweat, and tears. I hope I can inspire many people out there. I’m ready,” he tweeted

The DJ also then told TshisaLive that he is planning to study further after he graduates in 2023.
” I plan on getting my MBA, but there’s also many distractions like my career and parenting, so I will decide when the time comes. The end goal is an MBA or another degree (BA Law)” he says 
“Education is important to me because it teaches application processes and helps give you a sound theoretical stance in one’s cognitive application to everyday life situations, in addition to just getting the knowledge learned,” he told the publication.

Another one of our favorite ZAPlaylist who has decided to further his studies after many years is Nyan Nyan’s star Luyanda Potwana.
Luyanda recently shared that he has been accepted by the University of London, for the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (BSc in Psychology) program.
“This is literally my first time ever at a tertiary, since completing my matric 20 years ago — and it had to be at the age of 39, at the University of London — one of the top 20 highest-ranking Universities globally…If there’s a man to pray — then there’s a God to answer!” Luyanda wrote on Instagram sharing the exciting news.

A few days ago, he bid farewell to SABC 1 announcing his exit as the presenter of Nyan Nyan.
What a journey. What a chapter. What an era. Time may pass – but the MEMORIES will remain forever. And that’s how we end it. This is the END,” Luyanda said in a lengthy Instagram post.