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Prince Kaybee comes against Uncle Waffles After she Announced her being Verified on Twitter

Prince Kaybee comes against Uncle Waffles After she Announced her being Verified on Twitter:

Uncle Waffles just recently got verified on Twitter. And while many of her fans are happy for her, others are simply not taking it, Prince Kaybee being one of them. Kabillion’s fans are also not at all pleased with this revelation. A tweep took to ask how home Uncle Waffles had gotten the “blue tick” before the well-renowned Prince Kaybee. What followed was a retweet from Kaybee who responded by saying that Twitter does not verify upcoming artists. Was he being funny or was he serious?

The Twitter thread has seen tweeps and loyal followers of Kabillion react to the news both positively but mostly not so well. The overall sentiments are that Kaybee should not be worried as to why he has not been verified but rather he should continue focusing on creating authentic music. His fans have also comforted him by letting him know that whether he is verified or not, they will still remain faithful to him.

It also seems tweeps don’t think being verified is such a big deal and so Kaybee doesn’t really have anything to be sad about. Fans instead sound really impressed that Kaybee hasn’t been applying for the verification button himself because he is not so bothered about it. And while Kaybee hasn’t actively responded to these speculations, the artist seems to be making a joke out of the whole news. Tweeps believe that if Kaybee really wanted to be verified, he would be decades ago. Do you agree?

More on that, fans believe that since Kaybee is already verified on other platforms, like is Instagram, it’s only a matter of time before he gets his “blue tick” on Twitter.  But other than that, fans are also reacting to Kaybee’s TikTok video where he is seen “watering his dreams”. Fans are still speculating about how rich Kaybee is after this video. Have a look for yourself

In other news, this week has seen South Africa react to the death of former Prime Minister President FW de Klerk. A couple of celebrities have also reacted to his death many of whom include Prince Kaybee. Echoing the sentiments of many black South Africans Kaybee has expressed his displeasure at the news which has also sparked quite the rant on his comment section as well.

Tweeps have also been reminiscing at the great performance Kabillion did at the #HuaweiJoburg day that thousands in attendance. Kaybee has also taken to his Twitter in response admitting that it was one of his most favourite performances in his career and tweeps agree that Kaybee is indeed one elite DJ. This has just one to show the DJ that verified on not, he still remains a fan to many and that will not be changing anytime soon.