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Police officer bust for fraudulent accommodation claim

Police officer bust for fraudulent accommodation claim:

A Free State cop has been captured for supposedly blowing up a costs guarantee.

Warrant official Madraai Edson Luvhimbi, 52, based at the police preparing division in Pretoria, showed up in the Harrismith officer’s court on debasement allegations on Friday.

Falcons representative Capt Christopher Singo said Luvhimbi was captured in Pretoria on Thursday.

“It is asserted that on Tuesday, October 27 2020, Luvhimbi, a warrant official based at Training Division Pretoria remained at a visitor house in Harrismith for true obligations where he paid R630 each night.

“On Monday, November 2 2020 he presented a fake case of R950 each night rather than R630 each night that he paid,” said Singo.

“The matter was then answered to the Hawks’ not kidding debasement examination (group) in Bethlehem for additional examination finishing in the capture of Luvhimbi.”

Luvhimbi was delivered on R2,000 bail. He will be back in court in October.