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Photo! A Glimpse Into Focalistic’s Gucci Outfit And How Much It Costs

Photo! A Glimpse Into Focalistic’s Gucci Outfit And How Much It Costs:

Self-proclaimed “President ya straata”, Focalistic, has not only ruled the streets of Mzansi this year, but across borders and cultures. He has done it using amapiano and his sonic catch-phrase, “Ase trap tse ke pina tsa ko kasi”, loosely translating to this is not trap music, it’s songs we listen to in the township.

If he is not making music, or travelling the world, the star is making headlines for his fashion sense. The star has been trending on social media since he broke into fame with his trendy and designer outfits. In a recent images posted by the star, Foca was seen wearing Gucci designer outfit paired with a Gucci x Adidas bag which is one of the latest collaboration from the two brands. The bag is worth R63 400; while his jacket costs R52 800 and R17 600 for the pants. Check it out:

With his smash hit Ke Star – I am the star – many will not be blamed for theorising that Focalistic prophesied his trajectory to super-stardom. Even Nigerian megastar Davido couldn’t resist an opportunity to jump onto the remix. He has also become a very close friend of the star. Focalistic met Davido during a club appearance in Pretoria two years ago. Focalistic was relatively unknown, bubbling under and promoting his EP, Ase Trap Tse ke Pina Tsa Ko Kasi. The DJ on the decks that night was Focalistic’s good friend DBN Gogo. She was playing music for that offering.