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Ntando’s Twerk on Instagram Goes Viral as She Celebrates her Birthday

Ntando’s Twerk on Instagram Goes Viral as She Celebrates her Birthday:

Television actress Ntando Duma’s 26th birthday is coming up in a few days and she has decided to fly out to Cape Town to kick off her celebrations. She’s been celebrating with her friend Zuki and decided to drop a couple of videos twerking which have gone viral on Twitter. Khaya Dlanga was also spotted in Cape Town celebrating with the Duo.

A couple of weeks ago Ntando was a guest on Lasizwe’s controversial show, Drink or Tell The Truth. She opened up about a lot of things including her acting careers, relationships, broken friendships and a whole lot more. She opened up about some of her most uncomfortable moments on television.

“My worst scene will always be kissing a man on the show. It’s very uncomfortable kissing someone that you don’t know on the show that you don’t have an actual relationship with. So all the scenes I have done with Schumacher were very uncomfortable. But he is such a nice guy. He is such a great actor. He made it very easy for me. Genuinely I hate those scenes.”

One of the scenes she didn’t enjoy was kissing Phila Mazibuko on Rhythm City. “To kiss someone, you don’t know for the first time, you don’t know where they come from. For what? It was the worst.”

She also addressed the viral sex tape from 2020 of a woman whom many thought was the actress. “Oh, no man. No, it’s not true. That wasn’t me. Also, my sex tape would be fire hey. Put some respect on my name. And I’m sorry they had to leak that sex tape. I also don’t do sex tapes,” responded the actress. 

In the same episode, she was also asked who she would choose between spending the rest of her life with between Sicelo Buthelezi from Gomora and her baby daddy Junior.

I go for the one that I know. I’d go for Junior. Not that I want him back. I have a boyfriend. I didn’t say that I want him back. I had to choose okay.

Ntando Duma recently got dragged on social media for the outfit she wore at Shona Ferguson’s funeral. Some tweeps thought that her dress code for appropriate for the occasion. She had worked with the Fergusons on The Queen Mzansi before his character got killed off. She starred as Mpho Sebata, daughter of Rapulana Seiphemo’s Hector Sebata.