Nasty C Vows Never to do Amapiano Songs or Even Feature

Nasty C Vows Never to do Amapiano Songs or Even Feature:

Nasty C is not too amped up about joining this new craze of jumping from Hip Hop to Amapiano. Although he admires the genre, he says it would be too weird for him and he will decline if anyone asks him.

On his Instagram live, Nasty C said, “If anyone of my fellow artist friends and you have an Amapiano song you were thinking I would go well on it, kill that idea right now. Don’t do that to yourself. I hate declining especially people I know, don’t make me do it man. Just don’t do it.

“I love Amapiano man, it comes with a different type of energy…I would be faking it if I did it. Just look at it from a distance and admire it no beef, I support [it]. I’m Hip Hop to the core but that that’s not what I’m like zoned into…I still do a little bit of Pop. I tell you what, I will do a House song before I do an Amapiano song because of my back ground it would make more sense. I’m from Durban and my big brother taught me how to make beats,” he said.

He mentioned that he did do a Gqom song once but he was only fooling around, “I did a Gqom song once, a long time ago and I was just fucking around so if I did a Gqom song it would be weird, but not too weird,” he said.

Another Hip Hop artist who is not looking to  jump ship is AKA who questioned the longevity of Amapiano in SA, compared to Hip Hop. He said Hip Hop has been in the country for more than 20 years and he doubts that Yanos will survive year 10.

“Amapiano is South African music so it’s okay but at the end of the day Hip Hop has been here for like 20 years. Piano you can have one, let’s see if you here at year 10,” he said in an interview with Zkhiphani.  On his social media, AKA said SA Hip Hop is not dying anytime soon as long as he is still around. “A lot has been said about SA Hip Hop this and SA Hip Hop that, well … as long as I’m active we’ll be up there with the best, holding it down, and representing.”

Cassper Nyovest who jumped ship and found a new home in Amapiano always speak highly of the genre, He recently made a revelation that the Yanos artists are actually Hip Hop at heart, “A Lotta of the Kids who are killing it in the Piano scene are actually rappers & trappers who chose not to box themselves. You can see it in the fashion sense, you can see it with their names, their writing. Those are SA Hip Hop kids who were smart enough to explore their talents.”

A lot of people did not agree with him but he stood his ground and continued saying he will not argue with people because he has made it in life, literally.  “And you laaities that think I’m gonna be here on Twitter arguing with you all day and night missed the train. That’s the old me!!! I don’t do that shit no more!!! If you ain’t gone take the jewels I’m dropping, your loss. I really made it, fuck a like, I sold tickets. Peace!”