Nadia Nakai opens up about how she reacted to the lyrics of AKA’s song, Company.

The rapper’s first official interview since the death of her boyfriend is with L-Tido.

Tido announced the episode which will drop this Wednesday.

The trailer of the episode saw Nadia talking about the lyrics of the song featuring Kddo irked her.

One girl not enough meTwo girls not enough meThree girls not enough meNot enough for me, not enough for meFour girls not enough for meFive girls not enough for meSix girls not enough for meNot enough for me, nah nah, (Yeah) – the lyrics that taunted Nakai.

Speaking in the interview, Bragga said she was shocked at how he claimed six girls ain’t enough for him.

Nadia Nakai talked about all other issues on the podcast.

Kiernan AKA Forbes died on the 10th of February, 2023, after being shot and killed in Durban.