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Musa Khawula Under Fire For Exposing Mihlali Ndamase’s Phone Number & Other Details

Musa Khawula Under Fire For Exposing Mihlali Ndamase’s Phone Number & Other Details:

Controversial media personality Musa Khawula came under fire the other day after posting the email, phone number and contact details of beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase.

Musa was chasing a story about the vlogger and how she had allegedly wrecked the home of a married man and caused him to abandon his wife of many years.

The businessman Leeroy Sidambe had allegedly left his wife Mary Jane Sidambe to frolic with Mihlali, leading to the collapse of his marriage.

Mihlali Ndamase has neither confirmed nor denied her relationship with him. However, at the time of writing, she was following the businessman on Instagram, and he was following her as well.

According to reports, Leeroy had bought Mihlali some furniture and sent the same to her. His wife had found receipts showing he was cheating on her.

Musa Khawula had also published receipts showing Mihlali Ndamase’s personal details. He was condemned for the tweet, with South Africans asking him if he was unaware that he was endangering the life of the beauty influencer — especially so because, according to them, South Africa is the rape capital of the world.

The tweet was reported to Twitter and has since been deleted. But Mihlali’s insist he should be taught a lesson.