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Musa Keys Reveals How Michael Jackson Inspired His Latest Album

Musa Keys Reveals How Michael Jackson Inspired His Latest Album:

Musa Keys Appreciate Makamu, Musa Keys to his fans, seems to have it all. The self- acclaimed Tsonga Michael Jackson has been touring Africa and he is very excited to see where his music takes him. He hopes to reach large crowds with his music and to leave a lasting impact on amapiano genre and music in general in South Africa.

Musa Keys has dropped his long awaited “Tayo Album”. This features Musa Keys genre-bending style and it spans the spheres of soulful House, Underground Piano, and PSP. The project which holds eight song was promoted by the single “Wena” which featured Lebza TheVillain and Sino Msolo. He loves music so much that he refers to himself as the Tsonga Michael Jackson and like his hero, he wants to make sure all his performances stand out.

Speaking on his album, Musa gave the details about ‘Tayo’. “It’s an 8-track album and maybe we will do a deluxe because no one does a deluxe in amapiano. I believe that my music is the source of joy for many people around me, it’s a great representation of who I am and what I am to the people around me. I always try by all means to name my projects around who and what I am.”

He’s an all-rounder creative, he shares. He’s into fashion, drawing, music and even film. But there is something especial about music that connects him to people, which is why he chose it.“I want to do the things that I love, the crazy thing is that till today I still don’t think that I am superstar, I am never satisfied with what I achieve. I always see room for improvement, I seek constant growth.

The best kind of music is music that is created in genuine good vibes and energy. If everyone’s energy doesn’t connect in studio, the song will feel forced. I don’t plan how I am going to do the songs, it flows naturally. Amapiano chose me before I started making amapiano, I was producing trap music.”