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Musa Keys Announces a 3-Track EP, Drops This Friday

Musa Keys Announces a 3-Track EP, Drops This Friday:

Musa Appreciate Makamu, Musa Keys is currently a hot topic. He lives for music. If he’s not lending his vocals to amapiano tracks, or working behind the decks, he’s dancing to his favourite jams. He loves music so much that he refers to himself as the Tsonga Michael Jackson and like his hero, he wants to make sure all his performances stand out.

This time, he has hit a significant milestone. The popular performer has been included in the latest list of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30. He shared an email from Forbes informing him about it and welcoming him to the family. In the captions, he shared a message urging his followers and fans to “be a student of your own craft.”

Fans, followers and fellow celebs have since taken to the comments section to congratulate him on achieving the new milestone. We can’t wait to see what he does next before the year runs out. He’s loved music all of his life. He was born in Giyani and is the eldest of two children. He has always been a creative child from a young age and always wanted to do things that he loves the most and that bring him joy. “As a kid, I didn’t have everything, I had to work for whatever that I wanted. At home I wasn’t the favorite child,” he said

He fell in love with music at a young age and he decided quite early to pursue it. So, after graduating high school he went on to study sound engineering at Damelin but dropped out during his second year.“I felt like we were stagnant and that I was being taught things that I already know. I had already done music and I was already a part of the industry that’s when I decided to drop out to pursue my music because I saw that it was starting to work out. At first, I didn’t think there would come a time where music would be my only focus, I always that I was going to be an architect,” he added.