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Mr JazziQ Reacts To Rea Gopane's Wild Accusations

Mr JazziQ Reacts To Rea Gopane’s Wild Accusations:

Amapiano star, Mr. JazziQ, real name Tumelo Monyani, has subtly hit back at Rea Gopane‘s damning claims where he accused him of sacrificing his friends, the late Mpura and Killer Kau, to advance his career.

Although he did not directly send the message to Rea, JazziQ posted cryptic tweets where he warns ‘someone’ to pray. “Sometimes you just need to run before I get to you cause when I lands it’s hard still. If I were you I’d start praying,” he tweeted.

Mr. JazziQ then again this morning tweeted song lyrics about running into someone and used Zolani and Lindiwe’s meme from The River. Fans interpreted this as as a message to Rea Gopane to watch out because should they run into each other, hell will break loose.

Rea Gopane made JazziQ trend after he made some serious allegations against him regarding to untimely death of Amapiano stars Mpura and Killer Kau, along with 4 other people. 1 was a fire fighter who was on duty and the other 2 were their friends in the industry Thando Tot and TD.

Rea on his podcast Everything SA Music, alleged that JazziQ sacrificed his friends to advance his career as an Amapiano artist. “The entire entertainment industry looked passed the fact that JazziQ sacrificed Killer Kau and Mpura…for the betterment of his career.”

“The day after they died, he went to Ghana…” said Rea then his co-host Blvck Steph, asked him “so you think the ritual was done there.”

Rea then continued and said, “I’m just saying, we are not reading between the lines…the sacrifice is right there and everybody missed it.”

He said this because he reckons JazziQ’s career became even more big as he is now a superstar.

This allegation saw people furious and wanting JazziQ to not do what Bonang did, which was sue him, but rather use violence as a solution.

In the episode, they also took aim at JazziQ later on and said they had ran into him at a venue and said he is ‘arrogant.’ The timeline debated JazziQ’s arrogance after a clip of him looking at a female fan, who jumped on stage during his set, in a very rude way and then shook his head.

Responding to the backlash, he told a fan who said he was rude to the girl, to relax.

Here’s how people reacted:

JazziQ was not the only person on Rea’s radar as he re-ignited his beef with Bonang Matheba when they discussed her House Of BNG saga. “She has all that energy for me but her but her paperwork and business is not even right, but you wanna flex to your fans,” he said. “Bonang is not as smart as she pretends to be. All she is good at is the fan base she has, that attacks people,” he alleged.

“You running away from the big boys, she fooled everybody, she was going to vineyard and taking pictures saying “girls with vineyards”, Bonang does not own a f*** vineyard,” he mocked.

When his co-host Blvck Steph went deeper about the contracts with CSA, he said he is happy that Bonang is in this situation. “That’s the perfect situation for me.”