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Mr JazziQ Finally Opens Up About His Love Affairs with Thuli Phongolo

Mr JazziQ Finally Opens Up About His Love Affairs with Thuli Phongolo:

Even though Thuli Phongolo had denied dating JazziQ, people were not convinced at all and still continued wanting to get answers. But now Mr. JazziQ has also for the first time addressed these dating rumours, and here’s what he has to say.

In a 10-minute sit down interview with The Journalist DJ on his YouTube channel, JazziQ spoke about the ongoing relationship craze and wild obsession about his love life.

JazziQ said that he and Thuli Phongolo are just friends and it was just a picture he posted, nothing more.

Mr. JazziQ shared beautiful snaps of him and DJ Thuli Phongolo. They looked so adorable together but Thuli anticipated the comments which followed. JazziQ captioned his pictures with, “wearing suits and whatever with Thuli Phongolo.” She then added that they were only eating cavier and enjoying life, “Eating caviar, enjoying life…! side note: I just knew the comments were gonna come with ANOTHER…” she added.

He even said that there is no beef between he and DJ Maphorisa, who was also rumoured to be dating Thuli Phongolo first.

“This past week I posted a picture with Thuli P and like it was going crazy you know? Now there is a story about me having beef with Phori (DJ Maphorisa) like no one has time for beef bro. It was just a picture and me and Thuli are just mates,” he told the Journalist DJ.

He even said that he and Maphorisa are cool.

Thuli debunked rumoures of a relationship between her and Jazzi, “Thuli P is not dating anyone or “with” anyone in anyway…” – Lord let the truth be heard!!!”

Maphorisa was said to have been very heartbroken when a clip of him playing at a gig went viral.

On  Facebook DJ Maphorisa warned the people who are disrespecting him and said, they should be inspired by him and his hard work.

“They are praying for my downfall while I’m their inspiration, confusing
ba di bona kanna (they are fooling themselves.)” he said. In a separate post, Phori called out the boys who are lacking respect, but he said he will deal with them, “Some boys lacking respect but will deal with them nice and slowly.” He did not mention any names, but Facebook users assumed he was directing his message towards JazziQ.

Thuli P is ready to date, just not SA men, “Everyday I think I’m ready to date but then everyday I’m not ready… because wow, amadoda! The happiness and peace I’m experiencing right now! My life journey is heading towards my desired direction. I’m so spiritually aligned. My loved ones fulfill me. My work is in order. I’m gradually dealing with mishaps with a sense of calmness. I’m genuinely enjoying life. Grateful! In terms of love, I don’t think I’ll win in S.A she said on IG months back. Unless a miracle happens but ke angifuni shame. Ha ke batle, immediately no,” she said.

So neither JazziQ or Phori are suitable – at least for now!