Riky Rick’s Mum Recounts on her pain amidst her late son Riky Rick, as she writes a book in retrospect…

The late Riky Rick’s mother is still working toward healing, and this time she has decided to write about her pain in a book. Since losing Riky Rick to self destruction, Louisa Zondo has been on an excursion to recuperating as she looks for lucidity.

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Taking to Instagram, Louisa uncovered the title and front of her book, ‘Dearest Mama Riky’ which has an image of her and the late rapper.

The book’s cover reads, “A mother’s journey through grief, trauma, and healing.”

“I’m filled with gratitude,” Zondo wrote in the caption of her post. I have finally begun to tell my life’s story.

In another post, she urged individuals to share constantly their accounts, “Recounting to my story in this book gave me lucidity and recuperating on many fronts. May the telling of our tales never cease.”

The private suicide note that Riky Rick wrote to his wife Bianca Naidoo and their two children was made public.

“Dear Bianca,” “This suffering is excessive.” I don’t believe you should fault yourself for my life being terrible. I received more love from you than I deserved. Embrace life. Do not conceal the daily light you give me.

“I’m sorry for giving up, but the pain I’m feeling is too much to handle. My mind’s voices have never stopped talking to me. Although I wish I were stronger, I am not. I ask for your pardon. He wrote, “I love you.”

After that, he wrote to Maik, his son: My son, follow your passion. The world is superior to you can at any point envision. I cherish You.

He then wrote Jordan, his daughter, ” Jordan, the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I learned so much from you about life. I appreciate your kindness to me. I am indebted to you for continually inspiring me. I love you.”