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Minnie Dlamini Dumps MD Skin? Poses With Another Skin Care Product

Minnie Dlamini Dumps MD Skin? Poses With Another Skin Care Product:

Minnie Dlamini confused fans when she posed with another skincare brand instead of her own, MD Skin. Minnie’s MD Skin got criticised last week for not doing very well and for not having the best quality.

Minnie promoting another skin care brand raises eyebrows as fans are questioning whether her brand is any good – if she does not use it herself. Think about it, if you do not consume your own brand, how are other people expected to trust the quality of it. That’s what many people are arguing about on the comments section.

Minnie recently promoted the Dermal Health skin products ever since she was pregnant. Which makes people wonder why did she stop using her products, if she even used them before.

“I’ve been working really long hours shooting and my skin usually takes a knock especially wearing make up everyday. I’ve been using @dermal_health since I was pregnant and I haven’t looked back since. My skin has never looked better,” she said.

“I’m OBSESSED!!! Not a single blemish or breakout and my skin is super sensitive. Here’s to keeping my money maker looking young and fresh.”

Her followers were left confused and needing answers:

@vuyelwa1212 said, “You now use that? Whilst we have MD skin fully stocked?” Other followers agree, with @asathipeter saying, “a true explanation that what she says about her own product is not true, as a result she is using something else.”

@thabang4real says they are being scammed. @dlaminiprincess.z asked her if she does not have her own skin care brand and why is she promoting others. Trying to make sense of this all was thenjiwv who said the product is in competition with other products so using Minnie would possibly win other people over.

“This product is competing with other like products. Minenhle’s line is not in the league of those products, getting to the league takes time, dermatological research etc. Even Unilever opted to buy Dermalogica than start their own product from scratch.”

Last week the timeline debated about Minnie’s products saying it is probably going to fail. Nelly Nzima asked entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on his opinion about these celebrity brands and their longevity. She threw a bit of shade and said Minnie’s MD Skin Care now sells for R5 at Shoprtite, saying Minnie is not making a profit.

Phil responded by saying, “For me is; not enough understanding & courting of the star’s core fan base. There’s a disconnect between local celebs brand, influence & their real fans. Often, they think their personal brand is high LSM when their fans can’t afford or want that product.”

Phil said he has used the products but was not satisfied, “I have used Minnie’s products. The lotion didn’t do it for me but I don’t mind the body wash in winter. In summer the cream in the body wash can be a bit much for me though.”

MD Skin is sold at Clicks stores nationwide and the price range started at R13.00 to R40.00. It has grown to being sold at other retail stores such as Shoprite.