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Master KG Plays A Surprise Package with Makhadzi on Stage

Master KG Plays A Surprise Package with Makhadzi on Stage:

Makhadzi and Master KG might be known as just being exes, but they are truly good friends. After all, part of the reason why Makhadzi is who she is today is because of the guidance she got from the Jerusalema music producer himself.

Makhadzi was once featured on CNN’s African Voices and she spoke about how he encouraged her to stick to her Venda roots and sing in her mother tongue. He also showed her the ropes and advised her on what type of music sells nowadays, because the music she was doing, had a limited market.

That was 7 albums later and she said, “He’s the only person who pushed me and told me that you must speak on your language. You must not change your language just sing in Venda,” she said.

At a recent gig, Master KG decided to surprise his ex lover Makhadzi on stage and bring her to tears. He had posted the video on his Facebook account and Makadzi commented on it. He said, “Pulled a surprise at Makhadzi yesterday, it was lit.” To which Makhadzi responded with fire emojis and said “that was a big surprise.”

But, he has since taken down the video, it’s as almost as of it does not exist.

They might have introduced their relationship to the world a bit too early because now, people will not see them as professionals, but more like people who used to date and still have a fling together.

When they broke up she said they decided to remain brother and sister, “What happened is we decided to be a brother and sister. We are cool with each other. There is no bad blood between us. I have moved on and I am dating someone else,” she stated.

Speaking to ZAlebs, Makhadzi sid her private life should not take centre stage, her music should.

“The only thing I also want and I wish could happen just that it didn’t happen the way I wanted, I only want people to know Makhazi for her performances and music besides my personal issues but because people already knew about my relationship  there was nothing I can do but my wish is for them to know about my music only.”

“It’s always a good thing to work with him because when me and him collaborate it’s all about talent. He has his own talent and I have mine and we understand each other and everything we touch becomes a hit, and he’s the only producer whom I feel like we understand each other.”

Master KG’s career is still high and things are looking up for him. He recently won the Male Artist Of The Year award at the VN Awards. He is also currently working on new music with Nkosazana Daughter and Basetsana.

Makhadzi on the other hand the time of her life touring African countries promoting her African Queen album. She hinted last week that there is something major under her belt that she is working on and people should pray for her as she steps into the entrepreneurial route.