Makhadzi Stuns Fans With New Make Up Magic (See Photos)

Makhadzi Stuns Fans With New Make Up Magic (See Photos):

Makhadzi has had the time of her life in Botswana, proving that she is indeed an African Queen. When the Ghanama hitmaker arrived in Botswana, she was met with an overwhelming amount of screams from her legions of fans and she was overwhelmed.

What stole the hearts from social media users though was how she gave a make up artist a chance to work her magic. Her amazing work got her heaps of praises from people who are probably looking to book the MUA in future.

We will not be surprised if she announces that she has received an influx of bookings from people, because her work is amazing.

The MUA by the name of Bobo slid into Makhadzi’s DM’s on Instagram and pleaded with her to allow her to do her make up when she lands in Botswana. Her Facebook page where she markets her work is called Beauty with Bobo. She had to throw in a “by the way I am a huge fan,” she told Makhadzi.

After getting the public’s support by sharing her posts, she finally got a call from Makhadzi’s team. Bobo deserves the praises she is getting on social media, her work is very good.

Makhadzi had the time of her life in Botswana as she met the big stars Vee Mampeezy and Charma Gal. Makhadzi knelt down and gave Charma Gal the respect she deserved.

This morning she gave them a huge shoutout, “I am very much emotional because of the love I received yesterday from my Botswana lovely fans. You guys proved me that god’s timing is the best. And if he says yes nobody can say no! Vee Mampeezy and Charma Gal, thanks for supporting me yesterday. Your presence made my performance  a boom! Lets continue giving our people good music. WE ARE 1.”

Makhadzi had a not so good experience in Malawi though as the photographer posted a video which made her an easy target with bullies. She was performing in Malawi at the Sands Music Festival where she enjoyed herself and had the time of her life. She declared Malawi her new home as they gave her a warm welcome. “MALAWI you are the best…I found another home and I am coming back very soon,” she said.

A picture where her inner thighs are exposed went viral on social media, and it was mostly women who did so. Makhadzi shook many when she apologised for her dark inner thighs, “I would like to apologise to all my fans if only if you really disappointed about these pictures…” she started off.

“There were lot of beautiful pictures that the cameraman was gonna post, but he choose to post this to promote his brand but forgetting the damage he is doing to my soul…I know I am strong and all this will pass…Unfortunately I cannot change my inner part. I am like this and I am proud,” she said.

“The only thing that you people are doing is to try to edit my pictures nikhonanisa mafhungo .. yes I am strong but my family and friends they are not strong as I am…seeing them crying about edited pictures really break me and affect my me badly. I would like to ask everyone who react with this picture and edited pictures that you are planting something that can affect me badly…I humble my self politely to ask everyone to stop humiliating me…I don’t have energy to block you I love you all,” she wrote and then proceeded to promote her album.