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Makhadzi Made Public Statement on Ghanama Drama with King Monada:

Matorokisi hitmaker Makhadzi has cleared the air after she received backlash from fans when she removed King Monada from “her” song Ganama. She says that the agreement was that they will make two songs, one being hers and the other his!

Makhadzi Made Public Statement on Ghanama Drama with King Monada

“Let me just clear the air for my fans. I traveled to Mokgolobotho to make two songs with Monada because I knew Limpopo will be proud to see the two of us working together.

“The agreement was that we will do two songs and one will be mine and the other will be his. I started promoting the one that’s mine and that’s where the problems started. We both went live and said some unfortunate things,” explains Makhadzi.

She says that she finally agreed with him for them to share the song Ganama 50/50. “Because I am the composer of the song I requested him to start with my name Makhadzi and King Monada and he didn’t have a problem with that. We agreed that to rest this case let’s all say it was a publicity stunt… for him not to look bad,” shares Makhadzi.

The singer further states that they went together to Phalaphala FM to address their fans that it was a “PR stunt”. “We agreed to post on social media that it was a publicity stunt and I did that alone, that is when I started to see there’s a problem.”

Makhadzi has also shared a WhatsApp screenshot detailing some agreements made by the two musicians.

“Below is a WhatsApp chat between myself and King Monada where I was asking him for the final song we agreed on sharing 50/50. We agreed to release the song on Friday (02/07/2021) and I announced but Monada kept on saying he’s still mastering the song. I wish if I had the song with me in my studio to release it with his vocals just for the sake of peace. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it that’s why I had to re-record and add another verse,” explains Makhadzi.

She alleges that on Tuesday King Monada changed their agreement and demanded 100% copyrights of the song Ganama because they recorded at his studios.

“My question to him was how about the 5 previous songs which I did with him a long time ago and never received any royalties of my concepts… All the songs where King Monada featuring Makhadzi I never complained, that’s where everything changed.

“All I was doing was to fight for my rights because tomorrow I will suffer while my music has been played everywhere,” concludes Makhadzi.