Lasizwe Gets Dragged For 'Funny' Skit

Lasizwe Gets Dragged For ‘Funny’ Skit:

Lasizwe Dambuza did not expect the backlash he received after posting one of his usual funny skits. What started out as a career defining move for Lasizwe quickly turned into a roast fest because Mzansi does not appreciate him continuously ridiculing black older women.

The YouTuber started off his career portraying black women with some having broken English and turned it into a funny piece. He even created a character that gained so much love, Nomatriquency.

He told the stories of some women, from cashiers to older women who are mothers.

His last skit did not get the reception he had hoped for and ended up deleting it. In the skit he portrays three different women from different ethnicities, white, coloured and African, who are Black Coffee’s mothers.

The Grammy award winning DJ made history yesterday by taking home an award for the Best Dance/Electronic Album for his album Subconsciously.

Lasziwe showed how the three mothers would have reacted to his win. Firstly he had the white mother speaking about how she would not treat Black Coffee any different just because he won a Grammy.

Then he had the coloured and mixed race woman, with the accent and everything bragging about her son winning a Grammy, while the other woman’s son has four kids from different women.

Then lastly with a completely broken English, there was an African mother bragging about her son making waves in America. But she did not know what award he won.

After facing some backlash he deleted the skit but people had receipts and saved the video.

Watch it below:

While other people dragged and insulted Lasizwe, others saw it as a teachable moment and said people should educate him instead of insulting him. Spitch reckons that the insults would allow him to make other skits out of spite.

“Maybe this is your opportunity to teach Lasizwe and other content creators who emulate black mothers in satire, about why referencing black mothers, as illiterate, harmful. The same way we were later taught about Leon Schuster’s movies after years of finding them funny. Teach!”

“Telling Lasizwe he has never been funny, will not make him do better. Teach him, so that he understands the impact beyond the outrage. In that way, he will be mindful of how he curates ‘Black Mother content’ in future. Insults will only make him retaliate & repeat the offence.”

Here are other reactions:

His previous skit was also something similar but it was in reaction to the Oscars slap by Will Smith and Chris Rock. He and his brother Lungile, who he has partnered with for a YouTube series, were once again portraying these different ethnicities. 

First, Lasizwe tells the story from a white person’s perspective which was straight forward. Then he told it from coloured people’s views and lastly from a black person’s perspective.
All three ways were told while they were both sipping champagne and eating strawberries with their heads wrapped.
So the argument is Lasizwe has been doing this for a long time over the years, why are people only finding it offensive now?