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Lasizwe Fuels Romance Rumours with Vusi Nova Again

Lasizwe Fuels Romance Rumours with Vusi Nova Again:

Flamboyant TV host Lasizwe Dambuza and musician Vusi Nova are fueling relationship rumors once again.

Lasizwe is known for being quiet sarcastic sometimes, and he knows how to confuse his enemies. Taking to his Twitter account yesterday, he shared a beautiful picture of him and Vusi Nova and they appeared very comfortable together.

Vusi can be seen holding Lasizwe who is smitten. The reality show star had to set the record straight as soon as he saw the picture that sent the rumor mill into a complete meltdown. He said Vusi is his bible study friend but fans think it will end in tears.

This is not the first time the two have been photographed getting cozy together. A couple of weeks ago Vusi shared a snap of them smitten and fuelled dating rumours.

Vusi has had to deal with tweeps speculating about his sexuality as they accuse him of being gay. The Ngikuthandile hitmaker manages to keep his love life private and one wonders who he is dating.

He once opened up about his love life on Metro FM and said even though his previous relationships were messy, he still believes in love. “Even though I’ve gone through so much in terms of my romantic relationships, I still believe in love. I’ve dusted myself off and I’m moving forward, there’s no time to move back, there’s no time to look back ndiyaphambili. I still believe in love,” he said.

Lasizwe’s last public relationship was with his Cape Town boyfriend who did  him dirty. This follows after he dropped him off at the airport and later bumped into him at groove.

He recently revealed one of his weirdest fantasies which involves getting a woman pregnant. “I actually want to sleep with a woman and get her pregnant,” he said.

“I don’t want it to be a regular thing, I just want to go to penalties. I don’t want it to be recurring, I just want to go to penalty, shoot, score and be done,” he said. Lasizwe said he wants to have mixed raced children, “I want my child to be mixed race, like the most beautiful child. I want to create a Coloured. It is so nice I always have this fantasy of my child saying ‘my dad is South African and my mum is Russian or my mum is from New Zealand.’ And my child has hazel eyes or blue-ish, greenish eyes and has curly hair. I stalk Takkies a lot…her children, I could steal her children,” he said.