Lady Du Opens Up About Her Medical Problems

Lady Du Opens Up About Her Medical Problems:

Lady Du is one of the most loved Amapiano musicians and her performances always get praised. But, it takes a lot from her to be on that stage and she revealed that she cannot perform for longer than 25 minutes because of a medical problem.

The gifted Amapiano star took to her social media to share something very personal about her life. She said she has breathing problems ever since she was a baby and has progressed well into adulthood.

The star says to most people, what she has might be called asthma but according to her doctor she has underdeveloped lungs which affect her wellbeing. “…since I was born I’ve had breathing problems, I can not do anything active for more than a minute.”

Lady Du’s vocals on Umsebenzi Wethu are so angelic and powerful that she manages to handle the pressure very well. She reckons that this is a sign that what she is doing in the industry is correct and her calling since God grants her at least 25 minutes to work her magic on stage. “…there’s something about why I feel like God Gave me my musical talent, I can dance on stage for 25 mins pour my heart out but I won’t pass out.”

Watch her in action below:

The vocalist says when she does strenuous activities or ones that require speed, she lands in the hospital, “as soon as I run for a minute I go straight to hospital. Every 3 months I go to the doctor so they clean my system. Soooo sometimes I’ll look very tired and drained still give it my all but as soon as I get home I get weak.

“I’d love to go to gym but I can’t, I’d like to run on a hill but I can’t, I’d like to play around with my daughter running after her but I can’t, I can’t sit in rooms with smoke, I can’t eat certain fruits,” she adds, saying that her lungs are too small to carry her weight.

An emotional Lady Du said her post served as motivation for all the other people who were told that they cannot do anything by their doctors. “When you see me on stage performing my best know that as hard as it is for me to breath, I’m giving everything I have. This is for all the girls and boys that don’t do things because they were told they can’t by their doctors.”

Lady Du has been in the industry for years now but is still in the early stages of her fame. Helping her kick start her journey was none other than Boity who hired her as her vocal couch. Lady Du got featured in Boity’s reality show Own Your Throne where she was training the star to perfect her vocals whilst sticking to her chosen talent which is rapping.

She penned a heartfelt post on IG and said, “Here are the people that deserve credit for my blow up, people that gave me a platform when no one else believed in me. I’ve been writing songs for a lot of artists, serious hit songs, if I can tell you you’d pass out, but they kept quite, and that’s fine.”

“After this episode I had sooo many people call me for song writing, and that’s when people noticed I’m actually talented. Today I’d like to thank you guys for this!!!!!!! It was on this day that my career planted a fruitful seed!!!!!

She then revealed that she was very depressed and Naak helped her get out of that depression, “I was already on my journey y’all boosted the girl, forever grateful May God bless you guys. This was the toughest year of my life I was going through a lot, I picked myself up and gave my best. I remember calling Naak telling him I was depressed, he helped out,” she added.