Lady Du Expresses Feelings Over Isibaya Actor

Lady Du Expresses Feelings Over Isibaya Actor:

Amapiano vocalist and DJ Lady Du is obviously smitten with her fiancé. Sis took to her Instagram account to share that they have come too far.

Lady Du said, “A man with a vision needs a woman with a plan, I wish we could share our life story, I wish we could show people that it’s possible with God. I’m proud of us, I am proud of you, for not giving up. Against all odds we built and today it paid off. Here’s to big things my king @andilemx I love you munchkins ❤️ a couple that prays together, now works together ❤️❤️❤️”

Andile also shared the same picture and captioned it, “I am nothing without you. Thank you for fighting for me, our love will live forever. Thank you God for everything???@ladydu_sa”

Lady Du responded and said that she is also nothing without Andile as well. Du said that he has shown her what unconditional love is, “I love you with everything I am, thank you for everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you king”

A month ago Andile and Lady Du celebrated their anniversary. Taking to Instagram to celebrate, Lady Du penned a lengthy sweet message. She said agreeing to marry the Isibiya star was the best decision of her life.
She wrote: “I am crying last year April I decided to date someone I’ve known forever, 4 months later on this day the 4th of august he proposed. As broken as I was scared not knowing how a man could make a decision to marry someone in 4 months. I agreed, man that was the best decision I’ve ever made. I chose love, I chose protection, I chose honesty, I chose respect, I chose a best friend, I chose a man that treats me like the only woman in the world, I’d watch his character on Isibaya and think it was all an act but no, he played himself!!! I thank God and my grandmother In heaven. 

Today also happens to be the day my grandmother died. She left with a piece of my Soul, from the day she died I was never the same. When Andile asked for my hand on this day I knew she had something to do with it. Thank you hubby for your love and respect. @andilemx happy 1 year engagement anniversary.”

A few weeks ago, Lady Du shared their love journey on Instagram. she said she met Andile at a time when she was not in a good space. The vocalist said she was battling depression and also attempted suicide.

Last year March before lockdown I met Andile, we started talking, I was not in a good space so he was really patient with me, 4 months before that I was discharged from hospital I had depression, to the point where I tried committing suicide, it was the hardest time of my life. I lost every single thing in my life including my family, I was alone, going through the most. I went for counseling on the last day of my counseling session the lady said take yourself out, that’s exactly what I did, lol guess who I met, this mad one here, guys I swear it was like God brought him straight from heaven.”