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Lady Du Exposes a Scammer that uses her Name to Extort Money from Fans

Lady Du Exposes a Scammer that uses her Name to Extort Money from Fans:

Singer Lady Du had alerted fans about a scammer using her name to extort money from unsuspecting members of the public, warning them to steer clear.

The said scammer had opened an Instagram account in the singer’s name and directed those following the account to click on the link in her bio where they would be directed to fill a form, kicking the scam into motion.

In a post on her Instagram page, she shared a screenshot of the scammer’s conversation with one of her fans. In the chat, the scammer had claimed that the fan was the best of her fans and had won an iPhone 13.

The scammer had gone on to state that he was 100 per cent real and not a scam (red flag). The scammer had then directed the fan to fill in her data via the link in the bio. You can check out the screenshot below.

Lady Du is one of several South African celebs whose profiles scammers have used to bilk gullible members of the public. Other notable figures that have been used in the past include Afrotainment boss DJ Tira and “Club Controller” hitmaker Prince Kaybee.

It appears members of the public have refused to learn from those who have been scammed previously.