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Lady Du Appreciates Her Dancers After 14 Years Of Being With Her

Lady Du Appreciates Her Dancers After 14 Years Of Being With Her:

Lady Du is currently one of the hottest voices in amapiano. Born into a family of musicians, her father DJ Choc and uncle DJ Zan D are reputable deejays and producers. Lady Du, real name Dudu Ngwenya, first learned how to play at the tender age of nine. Since then and during her early adult life, she had been trying to get a successful break into the music industry. It was only in 2020 when she finally broke into fame.

Lady Du has taken to her social media to pen down appreciation message to her dancers. The star shared throwback photos of herself with her dancers sharing how far she has come in the industry. Lady Du stated it all started when she met her first dancer in 2009 and that was when she decided to sing.She said she watched Abo Chomee and concluded that she needed dancers. The singer revealed that she has been dancing with the same dancers for 14 years now and they had to deal with so many problems, emotional and financial, however they stuck with her.

She wrote: “Morning my lovely friends, I’d like to take some time and appreciate the people a lot of artists take for granted, MY DANCERS!!!!!! 2009 I met pretty, this was when I decided to sing, I watched abo Chomee, they always had dancers, so I decided ok if I want to be the hottest I needed dancers, I had the same people for the longest time, until one left I then met Jeanet 5 years go.

So for exactly 14 years I’ve been dancing with the same dancers, yes we have our fights here and there, but I’ve always said to them we will win this together, so today I’d like to thank them for sticking with me through thick and thin, for dealing with all my problems, emotional and financial. Understanding when I was down and when I had no money to pay them at times. I promise to do above and beyond for both of you, I promise to never make a performance about me but about us, I promise to look after both of you like my siblings, you actually are. Every single thing I have you will have and that’s a promise!!!!!!”

Though she made songs with renowned producers such as DJ Clock, DJ Mshega and DJ Maphorisa (back when he still did gqom) in 2013, 2014 and 2018 respectively, her breakthrough only came under a year ago through the track “Superstar”, alongside revered amapiano deejay and producer Mr JazziQ. The collective success of the tracks she’s featured on have catapulted her to household status, not only in South Africa but abroad too, as the world continues to check for amapiano.