Lady Du Advises On How To Make Money Through Music

Lady Du Advises On How To Make Money Through Music

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Lady Du Advises On How To Make Money Through Music:

Lady Du is currently one of the hottest voices in amapiano. Born into a family of musicians, her father DJ Choc and uncle DJ Zan D are reputable deejays and producers. Lady Du, real name Dudu Ngwenya, first learned how to play at the tender age of nine.

Lady Du took to social media to share advice on how to make money with music. She shared that one can even make millions even without followers. “Let me school you on how to make money with music! Forget the fame and followers you can make millions even without it ???? so kindly read this with understanding Register @SAMROMusic @OfficialSAMPRA this is no paid partnership I’m teaching you something y’all need to know,” she wrote.

She further wrote: “Then keep recording as many songs as you can, when one hits abd you build your brand keep recording!!! Reason for this is, I calculate my profit a month on the lowest selling song feature or not, I registered all the songs I’m on which go up to over a 100 songs. So if I calculate at my lowest selling song, let’s say that song makes 3000 a month x 100 = 300k a month y’all already know I have a lot of hit songs but I always calculate on the lowest one, This is called mass production like how a factory functions. Your catalog is forever.”

Lady Du’s musical journey speaks to her resilience, and her success can rightfully be attributed to her perseverance. On “Superstar”, Lady Du sings about aspiring to superstardom, even going as far as mentioning some South African celebrities that she looks up to! Today, her name is listed among the very stars she once mentioned on the track.

Since 2020, she has collaborated with heavyweights like Oskido, Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana, Focalistic, De Mthuda, Josiah De Disciple, Busta 929, DBN Gogo and many others. Her signature sultry voice, which sometimes resembles that of a baby, can also be heard on some of amapiano’s biggest smash hits like “Umsebenzi Wethu”, “Dakiwe”, “Catalia”, “Woza”, “GUPTA” and more.