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Khuli Chana Stands with Lamiez Holworthy Amidst Her Being Bullied And Body Shamed

Khuli Chana Stands with Lamiez Holworthy Amidst Her Being Bullied And Body Shamed:

Lamiez Holworthy always gets body shamed on these social media streets but today she has had enough. The DJ who is married to rapper Khuli Chana saw herself trending at number 1 after a catfish account said she is a man trapped in a female body.

Lamiez was getting ready to attend to her weekend gigs and decided to wear brown shorts, white shirt and a black blazer as well as black shoes. She looked stunning, as per usual and showed off her legs. But it was the legs which rubbed people the wrong way – nothing new here- and a very brave catfish account body shamed her.

Lamiez started by sharing what the security lady at her workplace, we assume at the Metro FM radio station offices she works at, said to her about her cellulites.

The lady said, “Wearing short shorts today and I had the security lady at work say “you are beautiful my child but yoh! Your Confidence in those shorts and such big thighs,”  the lady said. Lamiez then responded by saying, “…with all due respect wang tlwayela mama (you are disrespecting me.”

The disrespectful tweet though comes from a catfish account which called Lamiez a man and said she should stop wearing shorts, “Any one please tell lendoza (man) not to wear shorts…. Coz wow!”

A livid Lamiez, who had been called a man before, clapped back hard. She said she will not stop wearing shorts just because someone said she should. She lashed at the fake accounts who constantly project their insecurities at other people and said she is comfortable in her own African skin, “I’m an African woman and will be damned by your fu***d up standards!”

Lamiez then said not today as the bullying stops, “I have women of all shapes and sizes sizes who follow me for this very reason! I have little girls who look up to me because of how comfortable I am in my own skin! Daily I am subjected to the constant body shaming and bullying and told to be the bigger person. Well today Le nyile ge!”

Other celebrities hopped on and started defending her saying no Lamiez slander will be tolerated.

Prince Kaybee called her and asked if she was okay.

Her husband Khuli Chana hyped her up and said she looked very hot in those shorts.

Lerato Kganyago said she has been there, and done that, she does not care anymore, “Been there. Done that. I’ve realised once you start doing well on these streets you become a target. That’s why when you do good, they are silent.. when it’s bad they make sure it trends. Mize them. It annoys me!”

Ntsiki Mazwai said she looked very stunning, and Lamiez responded by saying she will wear her shorts proudly. “

The last time she got body shamed, she clearly stated “My name is Lamiez Holworthy and this is ME in my purest form. I’ll be damned if I edit my pictures to appear tinier or to hide my cellulite or stretch mark or two.

“You know why? I am tired of women (young and old) putting themselves under unnecessary pressure because of social media and it’s fucked up standards! Imagine trying to look like someone who doesn’t even look like themselves?!” she said.

“I am a public figure with millions of followers- most of who are woman of all ages and it is my responsibility to show them that it is OKAY TO BE NORMAL and that NO ONE can use your flaws against you when you make peace with them.

“Ps. I work out and eat right solemnly for my own well-being- not because I am trying to fit in to a box or have anyone police me!
THIS IS ME- DEAL WITH IT!!!hat she would not allow it, because it mostly came from women. “