Khanyi Mbau Missing In Dubai? Her bae says he needs help

Khanyi Mbau Missing In Dubai? Her bae says he needs help:

Khanyi Mbau and her bae have been living it up in Dubai for the past week or so (could be more) and if the snaps are anything to go by, they are having the time of their lives.

Well that was until Khanyi’s boyfriend Kudzai Terrence Mushonga took to Instagram, to share that his boo has been missing. At that point, he had already been going crazy looking for her and making it known that sis may have not been behaving.

Kudzai was clearly heartbroken at what Khanyi was doing. He took to Instagram a series of messages on his stories pleading with the public to help him. 

He said, “Imagine paying your girlfriend’s daughter’s fees before you drop her at the salon at 6PM and she tells you babe, I will text you 3o min before I’m done so you can come pick me up! You then rush for your zoom meeting at home and be a good man and cook dinner for you and her, you even cut yourself in the process! At 9:4pm you even tell her, babe I cut myself while making while making dinner.

“At 11:47pm you even tell her baby I’m waiting on you! At 1:00am you tell her babe I had not had dinner cos I’m waiting for you to tell me to come pick you up from the salon but let me eat because I need to drink my pain killers, at 2:25am you drive out to go look for her at the salon, you get there, the salon closed at 10pm. 2:28am you message baby i see you are coming  on and offline regardless of many calls .

“At 3:00 I post on my IG that I cant find her, then she immediately responds saying ‘I’m in the building, see you soon.’ you start arguing on the phone till a bout 5am and she never pitches to 9am the next day.

‘What are you forced to think as a man?! Help. Don’t you think if someone needed space, she would said, babe I am going to hang out at the rooftop pool. I just need some alone time rather than having you worried the whole night” 

Tweeps are however not buying Kudzai’s story. They are accusations that he may have been abusing her. These were some of the reactions:

“Men are totally capable of killing you and then starting a search for you publicly and portraying themselves as the hurt and abandoned partner.
I hope Khanyi Mbau is safe. Going to the salon at 2am looking for a missing person (and documenting it) is a RED FLAG for me”

“Khanyi’s man mentioning the child’s school fees is really low of him especially when he doesn’t know if she is still good or not”

“My thought is…what if Khanyi found a richer man in Dubai while on bae-cation?!. But jokes aside, if she needed time out she should’ve just told him that rather than him expecting her back like usual and going all out with the cooking and shit. Just simple communication!!”

“People are laughing now that KhanyiMbau broke that man’s heart… Not so long ago they were behind some hun who was refusing being dumped saying “we believe you” and even requesting a space. Now that ngumjita it’s laughable…damn men go through a lot”

Kudzai says he posted on Instagram because should something happen to Khanyi, he will be nailed for it because he was the last person seen with Khanyi.

What do you guys make of this?