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Kamo Mphela Reveals Her “Best Musician Alive”

Kamo Mphela Reveals Her “Best Musician Alive”

Doing what you love brings so much joy to our celebs and with the help of the internet they are able to gain fame and popularity and establish a fan base. Kamo Mphela is a South African dancer turned musician who became an internet sensation after she posted a video of her dancing on her social media account. She is the featured voice and dancer behind the Amapiano hit songs Sukendleleni and Labantwana Ama Uber.

Over the weekend, Kamo Mphela stole the show at Cotton Fest with an electrifying performance. The “Amanikiniki” hitmaker put on a spectacle with performances of some of her biggest hits including “Sandton”, “Nkulunkulu” and “Dubai”.Dressed in a black vest and orange pants, Mphela danced with vigour throughout as she showcased an array of excellently choreographed moves.Surrounded by over a dozen dancers all dressed in black pants, orange long sleeve shirts, a black vest and a balaclava, Mphela and her team had the Cotton Fest crowd eating out of the palm of her hand.

Kamo also shared her best musician alive, sharing rapper Blxckie’s tweet photo. Sihle Sithole, commonly known as Blxckie, is a South African rapper. In early 2021, he was named Apple Music’s Up Next artist.

Mphela rose to fame in 2018 as a dancer, but the 22-year-old then realised she could make the music she wanted to dance to. She’s performed around Africa and notably live at London’s Boiler Room, a universal online broadcasting platform. “It’s not about what you have. Amapiano is about what you’re living,” said the Soweto-born entertainer.