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Kamo Mphela Reacts To Claims That She Doesn’t Have Solo ‘Killer’ Moves On Stage

Kamo Mphela Reacts To Claims That She Doesn’t Have Solo ‘Killer’ Moves On Stage:

amogelo Mphela, popularly known as Kamo Mphela, is a South African dancer and singer. She became an internet celebrity after she posted a video of her dancing on her social media account.

One social media user took to Twitter to share that she thinks Kamo Mphela doesn’t bring it on stage. She emphasized on how Kamo only teases on stage and never finished of her dance moves. The Amapiano star however did not let the critic pass without her judgement. “Sometimes you don’t have to do too much,” she reacted.

Social media personality Oratile “Coachella Randy” Masedi is gushing on Kamo Mphela after sharing the stage with the amapiano sensation who shut down the DStv MVCA stage on Saturday night. He said it was one of the best things that has happened in his life. Taking to his Instagram he shared a clip where they were dancing on the streets and mashed it up with the one from Saturday night’s performance.

“The opening clip was our expression of how much we love Kamo, how we appreciate and believe in her, how much she makes us express our power and femininity and feeling sexy, how we take our power back through her music, and then it moved to us sharing a stage with her. One of the best things that has ever happened in my life,” he wrote.

“Kamo, bless your heart. Continue to shine and thank you for this amazing experience and opportunity. My friends and family know how much I wished to do this and you made it all possible because of the heart you have and how serious you take your career. All the best with everything. I love you,” he added.