Kamo Mphela Boasts about hit single “Ghost” Reaching Major Milestone In One Month

Kamo Mphela Boasts about hit single “Ghost” Reaching Major Milestone In One Month:

The global sound of Amapiano has come a long way in a short time, but like Afrobeat before it, this is a movement set to grow and grow as more cultures and scenes from across the world collaborate and reinterpret the sound to make it their own.

Dancer and singer, Kamo Mphela, who has performed all around the world several times and is most popular for her song Nkulunkulu, released another song, Ghost, which has been equally well received. She describes Amapiano as “a culture… a movement”.

In just one month, Kamo Mphela’s hit single ‘Ghost’ has now reached over 1 million views on YouTube. This is a major milestone for the star considering that she hasn’t been in the music space for a long time. Taking to social media to celebrate the milestone with her fans, Kamo was quite surprised and amazed to see how well the song was performing. See tweet:

Imagine your first day on post as a security guard being graced by the presence of wraiths. This is the very predicament Robot Boi had to endure in Kamo Mphela’s recent hit visual termed ‘Ghost’. The relatively fresh Amapiano single, baked by Felo Le Tee, features the ‘Abo Mvelo’ hitmaker Daliwonga. In the music video, Kamo Mphela together with her fraid of Victorian styled duppies pay homage to the late Micheal Jackson with references from his 1982 record-breaking ‘Thriller’. Kamo Mphela can dance-dance! The fastidious dance choreography was befitting the haunting Amapiano ‘minus-one’.