Kabza De Small Accused Of Assaulting a Man After He Left Him Bruised

Kabza De Small Accused Of Assaulting a Man After He Left Him Bruised:

Amapiano King Kabza De Small has been accused of assaulting a man and left him bruised. This morning a forex trader by the name of Stylish Keys, alleged that Kabza De Small and his bouncers attacked a friend of his and injured his face. Not only that but he alleges that during the assault they damaged his perfume stock work R7000 each.

The man who accused Kabza De Small promised to avenge their friend who got assaulted allegedly by him and his bodyguards. On his Instagram stories, he warned Kabza of what’s coming to him saying he messed with the wrong people. “@Kabelomotha you’ve messed with the wrong people mfanaka (my boy), you’ll get what’s coming for you!! You think you’re the only one that has money. lets see my boy,” he warned.

In another post he alleges that Kabza and his boys damaged perfume stock worth R7000 and a Stacy worth R50 000 as well as their car papers. He then threatened to open a case at the police station, “let’s meet tomorrow at the station with a solid docket for you, let’s see what your money can do now,” he wrote.

Stylishkeys IG Posts

Kabza has not yet responded to the man and his allegations on neither of his social media platforms.

The same man posted an image of he and Kabza’s BFF DJ Maphorisa in a previous post.

Stylishkeys IG Posts
DJ Maphorisa went into hiding once after he allegedly survived attempted murder. According to Sunday World, his Mercedes Benz tour bus got marred by a hail of bullets in East Rand, leaving the occupants injured inside the bus.

It was alleged that both he and Kabza had a hit ordered against them on February 8, which was a Monday night. Policemen confirmed the incident saying the suspected gunmen were driving an Audi A4. They opened fire at the back of bus and then went on to shoot at it from the front, then sped off.

Both of them went MIA on social media but returned shortly afterwards.